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  • Pipedream sizing… again! 19.5 too big?
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    Anyone care to cast their thoughts on Pipedream sizing, I have built up a singlespeed 853scion, its lovely but… I took a punt on the sizing.
    (I’m a shade under 6ft, 6ft with winter boots!).

    Wish I could’ve tried the 18″ version. I feel that the 19.5 is fine for tame XC but not very confident for rougher stuff.

    Anyone wanna swap!! G

    Premier Icon letmetalktomark

    Very strange.

    Without riding shoes or my weekend Cuban heels I am 6’3’’ and found my 19.5’’ R853 Sirius a smidge too small – very similar sizing to the largest Cotic Soul.

    I ran mine with 120mm forks and a 100mm stem and found it a real hoot to ride but a longer TT would have been better.

    What length forks/stem are you running?

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    Hi Mark, I’m running an old but servicable REBA race at 115mm.
    Stem is a 90mm sunline job. With f’n huge sunline bars (cheap at CRC).

    I like the bike but it doesn’t feel very “flickable”.
    Standover is a lot lower than my full sus.

    At 6foot3″ in your stocking soles your quite a bit bigger than me tho!

    Premier Icon letmetalktomark

    My bad ….. I read your height as 6′ 6″!

    That changes matters.

    Maybe an 18″ may have been a better fit.


    At 5’11” I would have bought a large (19.5″) with the 605mm eff TT.
    Currently riding a large (18″) Pace RC105 with a 610mm eff TT, & with a 100mm stem.
    But at the end of the day its personal taste.


    6’3 and my 19.5 Scion was a tiny bit small, at 6′ I reckon you’d be right on the border…

    Not an entirely helpful post tbh.

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