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  • Tom B

    Jet Parks are pretty good ime…can’t say that I’ve shopped around too much. Post up if you fancy using them….I seem to recall that they have given me a discount code.


    Jet Parks here too. We tried parking at Carrington a few times and getting the bus over but Jet Parks were way closer and better. Make sure you make a note of which carpark you’re in for when you return.

    b r

    Looking to leave the car there rather than messing about with cabs.

    tbh I find having to park the car and the various faffs/time far more effort than having a car pick me up from home, drop at the airport door and then be there at Arrivals to help carry the bags.

    Search for a local chauffeur type, a bit more expensive but better service and usually a decent car.


    Any of the multi-storey car parks. They are about £35 a week if booked in advance.

    The other off site car parks are not much cheaper.

    Martin B

    Book direct through the Manchester Airport website
    Cheaper that way – other sellers take their cut

    Premier Icon Onzadog

    We found a local b&b for the night before which included parking for the week. Less thatfive minutes from the airport and she gave is a lift and picked us up.

    Premier Icon Coyote

    Flying out from Spain in a couple of weeks from Terminal 1. Looking to leave the car there rather than messing about with cabs. Anyone have any recommendations with which car park to go for?


    We’ve used the meet and greet thing a few times now and it’s been very convenient – especially with babies to lug around and early flights(priced a bit more than the jet parks but less than multi-storey)


    If you book in advance on the airport website the valet parking is reasonable. The car park is just next to the arrivals exit so two minutes and you are on the road.

    just booked with aph, off site and secure, was recommended by a work mate. was £50

    Premier Icon BigJohn

    The airport long stay. A good few times I’ve been diverted on arrival to the short stay – at the same price – because tha long stay was full. Super convenient.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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