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  • Orange RX9 Pro review
  • Ben_Haworth
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    The Orange RX9 Pro is great for a quick hour ride, a blast along the bridleway, for training or for spending an evening bikepacking. Brand: Orang …

    By ben_haworth

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    Orange RX9 Pro review

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    I like the 3rd bottle mount for an AirTag. Wouldn’t put anything else down there to get bashed and covered in clart.

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    It looks a nice bike but the price seems hard to justify when you look at the competition. As a quick for instance, the Orange is literally double the current price of the Ribble CGR with the same spec. It’s difficult to see where the extra £1100 has gone.

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    I have a 2018 Orange RX9 Pro and it’s bar far my favourite bike. I commute on it every day and it makes me want to go to the office when I have the option of working from home. However if I was buying one today I would have to think very carefully. Mine was £1800 but in the end of year sale I only paid £1500. Now it is £2200 and comes with Apex instead of Rival. We can probably blame Brexit and the GBP exchange rate but it still sucks as a UK consumer to be faced with the inflation of cost and degradation of spec. At least in buying this you can be sure of a great build quality and reliable experience. I’ve ridden mine nearly 2000 miles, been ankle deep in mud and and gone OTB down a cliff and into the river on it, yet the bike has only had two new tyres and a chain. I haven’t even had to bleed the brakes. It’s absolutely fantastic.

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