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    Press is one route but I agree with those who say not to do that yet. That kind of thing can burn bridges and while you may feel like doing that it’s a last resort.

    You’re engaged with the fraud team currently.

    Have you raised an official complaint?Both related to the initial view you were given regarding a refund and also regards the banks position given this seems to be a sophisticated attack, as opposed to handing out your details.

    You can’t approach the financial services onmusbusman until you have been through the bank complaint process.

    You need a letter from the bank with what they state is their final response to the complaint. Until then the onmusbusman won’t even look at it.

    Also you want to step through your options one at a time to ensure you give each the chance to work.

    Complaints are handled far quicker for example than a request to the ombudsman. If the ombudsman can’t help then the press and your MP are the only options, so only go there when you need to.

    A complaint is highly defined for a bank. They have to follow a process, they have to report it to the FCA if it’s still open after 24 hours etc.

    You need to make sure you are in that process. If you haven’t used the words I want to make a complaint then the bank may be treating the exchange as a grumble i.e. Not a reportable complaint.

    I had this with a credit card fraud, after about a week of me chasing them I used the magic word complaint. From that point forward everything changed. I was read a printed script and then passed to an entirely new team who picked up and sorted my complaint and phoned me daily.

    If you do go to the press then a number of the Sunday papers have consumer / money sections that often champion customer complaints. Money box on radio 4 is another. Again though these are last resorts for me.

    Good luck, shocking position to be put in.


    some of the IT security guys started circulating this fileless malware is infecting banks around the globe

    Fascinating and terrifying at the same time.


    Good post, fozzyuk. I hope the OP heeds your advice and doesn’t follow to some of the silly suggestions offered on here.

    BTW, OP, I really feel for you and hope everything comes good in the end.


    Spot on advice from fozzyuk. You need to let the bank go through the complaints process before going to the ombudsmen

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    have you considered using OpenDNS or google DNS settings in your router

    this won’t help Tom , of course, but is a free and simple way to way to ensure that websites visited are authentic -in the future [and for other potential victims]

    Tom B

    My email to the CEO has done the job…..his executive complaints dude phoned me up to say he was personally investigating….within the hour, the person that I have been dealing with has confirmed that THE FULL £10,000 IS TO BE REFUNDED BY MIDNIGHT!!!

    Sat here crying like a baby! Maybe I’ll splurge on a new laptop!!

    Thank you so much for all of the help, kind wishes and suggestions guys, it has been a very long couple of days!

    I will 100% be pushing forward with the criminal complaint etc….if for nothing else than to try and eventually get back the 2/3 of a days wages that I lost on Tuesday when I first found out about this!


    That’s fantastic news, well done Tom!

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    Good stuff


    coke and hookers are on Tom 🙂


    Great news.

    Now bleach your laptop, install the necessary apps like Rapport etc (not convinced myself, but if the bank asks for it) and buy a lottery ticket.

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    Congratulations. This really is a nightmare scenario and I’m so glad it worked out.

    I’m still not so happy that we don’t understand how it was done though :(. This doesn’t sound like any sort of attack that I know how to deal with. I’m not sure if Rapport would deal with it but I would be installing it. In fact normally I use 3 different browsers and I reserve IE with Rapport for only financial stuff. Chrome/Edge is for everything else


    I agree, Leffeboy.

    If I was a computer security dude at CoOp, I would have asked for the laptop in return for the £10k going back. As would want to find out exactly what happened.


    Great news, I’ve been sat here with everything crossed hoping everything would work out for you. Paranoia has kicked into overdrive here, and I’m certainly going to extra cautious after this tale of criminality.


    What a relief!

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    I’m relieved for you; so god only knows how you must feel..

    Good work.. 8)

    Fabulous result. Well done.


    And dump Windows,- go to Linux.

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    Get in. Well done.

    Maybe I’ll splurge on a new laptop!!

    Surely worth a Premier sub for 12 months… (-:

    I was reading this thread with a horrible sinking feeling yesterday evening but am so happy for you that the bank have come good for you in the end. What a relief!!!

    Premier Icon fozzyuk

    Great news well played.

    Premier Icon stevio

    Just reading through this; glad to hear you’re sorted..

    Out of interest my cousin’s wife has a business, and her business partner got similarly scammed for a very large sum of their money (several times your figure…). Their bank refunded them as they had not followed their own verification practice before letting the cash go out to the scammers…

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    I love a story with a happy ending 🙂 looks like you’ll be celebrating in the Alps.

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    Superb news

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    Delighted for you Tom, that’s great news.

    With respect to…

    I will 100% be pushing forward with the criminal complaint

    …then once you’ve been refunded , you’re no longer the victim, the bank is, since they’re the one £10,000 out of pocket. Whether they want it investigated is down to them. Which is a bit crap I think, as it seems they frequently would rather take the hit than have the culprits caught.

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    Fantastic news. Your composure up to this point (stop crying!) has been something to behold.

    Now you can afford at least three beers in an Alpine resort. 🙂

    Great news!
    Both myself and the wife bank with the Co-op
    and my wife’s account was hacked a few weeks ago, albeit for a lot less than yours.
    They refunded the money immediately after a few questions, but they did state that the hackers knew every bit of her security information and it looked to all intents and purposes as though the transaction was undertaken by herself.
    Off the back of that I googled Co-op bank and the top hit was an advert on Google which took you to a very convincing website which looked like the banks own login page. I gave them a call and reported it.
    Currently running a full scan on my own laptop off the back of this thread!

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    Brilliant news, glad it’s sorted!


    Phew… well done Tom and all the best going forward


    I is happy for you 🙂

    Premier Icon Alphabet

    Brilliant news. I’ve alerted friends and family to this issue so hopefully it’ll help them not to fall for the same scam.

    Surely worth a Premier sub for 12 months… (-:

    LOL 😆

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    Yay. So pleased to hear it. 🙂

    Premier Icon Greybeard

    Happy for you, Tom.

    Going back to how it was done, and finding the overlay link that jon_n posted quite convincing, you posted

    went from: to

    Is it correct that the second link has no http:// – because if it was the real page, it should have had https:// – the s meaning it’s encrypted. My guess is that it’s hard to show a dummy https:// page, or to get you to type onto what appears to be one. Maybe another clue to watch for?


    Thats great news. Well done CoOp, and well done OP for getting it sorted.

    The bank probably are very familiar with this type of thing and have no need for the laptop.

    I once was super hungover and decided to format a computer. Straight after the format, completely fresh, I went to Google to download chrome. I searched for “Chrome download” and hit the first link. The website looked a little weird – like it hadn’t loaded some CSS properly – but in my hungover state I glanced over it. I hit download & install Chrome.

    Next thing I know, my freshly formatted PC was packed full of junkware. Toolbars, search helpers, other useless crap. I was so mad with myself. I work in software development, I’m supposed to be good at computers.

    I also felt betrayed by Google. How was the first result to their own product junkware? I still have absolutely no idea how that was possible. Maybe I mis-spelt “download chrome” (totally possible in my state) and that was the top result.

    POINT IS it happens, and it can happen to everyone. One slip and you’ve got all your desktop shortcuts replaced with pictures of genitals.

    It was quicker to format the drive again then bother trying to remove everything. What a morning.

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    That’s great news TomB – I’m relieved and it wasn’t my money so can’t imagine how you;re feeling.

    I bank with Smile so the ease with which this happened has left me wonderign if I could get caught too.


    Google will put any old tat #1 if you pay them, can be hard to spot the way they mix ads with search, not to mention the occasions scammers fool natural search (often by hacking a legit site first) there’s lots of cases just google it… oh wait…

    OP mentioned this is the path he took to coop link, for banking it’s better to type the address in. Don’t trust a robot!


    Fantastic news. I had no advice to offer but was watching the thread with fingers crossed.

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    Oh, wow. Really pleased for you Tom. Amazing what a nudge to the big boss can do. I had a similar experience with an insurance company – CEO emailed… next thing “Hello sir” sorted.

    Now switch bank to Lloyds and only bank using the phone app… Fingerprint ident! 😆


    Great news, OP. I hope you enjoy a lovely relaxing weekend.

    Tom B

    As a bit of an update, received an email from action fraud yesterday (the organisation that you report online fraud to) whom basically said that there were no leads to follow etc, so the case won’t even be passed onto the police!

    In other news, I had an offer accepted on a house and am in the process of that going through currently. Cheers again for all the good wishes at the time.

    Premier Icon martinhutch

    Watch out for the fake solicitor’s account bank transfer scam!

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