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  • one more tobelerone for bradley wiggins
  • Luminous

    yeah, that’s my favourite bit.
    you deserve a hug from Wiggo and a free Dogma bike.

    I’d love to see the cars when I get to Paris, but I’m really there for the finish, to see, hopefully, the first British winner of the TDF. A significant moment, in the history of British cycling, for me. I recently finished reading the Tom Simpson book, too.

    I’m not sure the riders themselves would have taken much note of the cars. Fine by me. Just need to finish the job, nearly there.



    IHN – Member

    Thought it was bad form for anyone other than the yellow jersey to lead into Paris?

    It’s bad form to attempt to take the yellow jersey on the final day. The Paris stage is one for the sprinters though

    Teetosugars – Member


    2 more stages before they get there…

    People were talking bout Cav taking the Paris stage hence my question, i never said who would be wearing the yellow……..

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    That Jag is gorgeous.


    Watched that WIGGO programme last night and I’ve a new found respect for the fella.

    Had no idea idea he’d been at it for quite that long.


    It seems Brad is just riding a timetrial around France. He has the ability and the team around him to just ride at a pace that others cannot.

    I agree that is his strength- is pedalling fast f perhaps at only one speed but yesterday he was the strongest on the mountain with Froome [ who is a stronger climber]
    It would have been interesting to see other climbers there but as Nibbles showed[ yesterday] you need to be able to do his pace the day after you attacked with sore legs….I am not sure if anyone could have but it would probably have been closer/more interesting

    Premier Icon binners

    Benslow – his biography makes a good read*. He’s had a really interesting life. A lot focuses on his dad who was a tour rider and complete nut-job!!! And his somewhat challenging upbringing. He ain’t had it easy, that’s for sure. Which makes his achievements even greater IMHO

    * which I’m sure will soon be re-printed with a bit of an update

Viewing 6 posts - 81 through 86 (of 86 total)

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