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    Just a quick update, Haydn has been diagnosed with the most common form of leukemia and we’ve caught it nice and early. He’s having a permanent line fitted this afternoon so we can get cracking with treatment.

    The support we’ve had from absolutely everywhere has really been quite overwhelming and although very tired we are all doing OK.

    As soon as this is over Haydn has decided he would like daddy to hire a camper van and take a train ride up Snowdon to look for dinosaurs 😀


    Dinosaurs? Ah STW’ers on bikes 🙂

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    Haven’t updated this thread for a few weeks as to be honest life has just been too busy. After the first few weeks of treatment going exactly to plan, just recently things haven’t been so great.
    After numerous trips backwards and forwards to hospital both in Bristol and here in Plymouth, Haydn was admitted again on Tuesday with a sky high temperature. Looks like he’s picked up an infection on one of his lumbar puncture sites and has everyone stumped. Five days of constant antibiotics have had little effect and so it looks like we’re heading back to Bristol Children’s Hospital tomorrow.
    He’s doing amazingly, he obviously has a lot of down moments and plenty of pain but it is incredible how one little smile or chuckle can restore your hope and lift your spirits.
    Apologies for another rambling post but just feeling a bit lost tonight, not knowing which way this is going to go.

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    All the best to you and your family mate. The docs will sort him out.


    Missed this post the first time round.
    Fingers crossed for you all. Keep your chin up Dude.

    it is incredible how one little smile or chuckle can restore your hope and lift your spirits.

    You are there for him. That matters. Stay strong, and keep fighting WITH him, he can’t do it alone. Fight alongside him, with him.

    Good luck!


    I have 3 children under 5 and my wife works as a haemaeoncolgy nurse. I only get a sense of how you must feel. My wife is not here but may be more practical help, although I understand that leukemia at that age is more treatable.
    I do wish you all the best. Keep your chin up.


    Not much to say apart from good luck and best wishes to you all! Look forward to you posting when your little lad is in recovery.

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    Just read this thread, words can’t really convey how tough it must be.

    Really scares me to think about something happening to my son. My lad keeps dinosaurs in our camper van. Tell your boy if he needs numbers on the dinosaur hunt to get in touch, better safe than sorry, tricky things, dinosaurs.


    Ramble all you like mate. You’re in – what most of us would presume is – a tough place. I don’t know how long the battle may last but you need to be strong for the little fella. I’m sure he’ll pick up on your vibes so be there for him. Everyone here is behind you.

    Man hug.


    My heart goes out to you and your family. The hope I can give you is the experience I have of the remarkable ability of the childs body to heal. They fight and fight long after an adult body would have given up!
    However I have a 3 year old and from my point of view as a father I understand that you just want to take the pain and suffering from your child. The best thing you can do is to hold him tight and tell him you love him every chance you get. Good luck and please keep us updated.


    just caught this post..

    cant say anything new really, just that our thoughts are with you and hold on tight for the ‘ride’. Stay together and brave for haydn, he needs you.

    rant here please…goodluck.


    Thank you for your post and sharing. I share with the STW family in wishing Hadyn, you and your mrs all the very best. My thought to you all. Please please keep us updated.

    bgd, plenty of folk here in Brizzle (I know the inside of BCH all too well). If you need to grab a beer and a chat any evening, just let us know. There’s a pub just across the road or around the corner and up St Michael’s Hill – sometimes it helps to get out for a change of scenery for an hour or so.

    EDIT: or if there’s anything else we can do. We’d offer you a bed but we don’t have a spare room these days. Are you able to use the McDonalds House while you’re there?

    Premier Icon bgd

    Thanks again for all your messages of support. Today has been a better day, the trip to Bristol is on hold and everyone is feeling more optimistic.

    Deadlydarcy – thanks for the offer, would be good to meet up with some STW ers, whether for a beer or preferably a ride when all this is over. We’ve been lucky enough to have a room at the CLIC house whenever we’ve been in Bristol before.

    Ah, hopefully the trip is off for the right reasons. 🙂

    If you’re up this way, then drop a line to email in profile if you fancy a chat and a scoop. All the best to Haydn. Hope he’s doing well.

    Premier Icon bgd

    Hopefully turned a corner today. Temperature has stabilised and he has eaten (albeit a small amount) and made lots of laughter.
    This is no doubt the first of many setbacks and can honestly say it has scared the hell out of me but Haydn is an incredibly strong little guy and a real inspiration to me. All being well we can soon get back on track with beating this disease.

    i have nothing to add but to wish your son a speedy recovery.

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    Everything crossed and get well soon

    Keep strong for them all, in any way you can bgd. We’re always here, for a start.

    I used to be a haematology nurse, and if its any consolation, this all sounds quite ‘standard’ to me- although, I had the luxury of never being the patient, or a relative.

    Hang on in there, this kind of thing is totally treatable for the wee ones.


    That’s terrible news. I hope you all get through through this safe and well.

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    Just found this thread, and wanted to add my thoughts of love and support.

    And I’m kind of in the area too, so if you want numbers for that beer/ride/whatever then I’m in…


    Thank you for your post and sharing. I share with the STW family in wishing Hadyn, you and your mrs all the very best. My thought to you all. Please please keep us updated

    the above says it all, keep strrong and best wishes

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    good luck to him and the rest of you, sounds like you are doing the best anyone can at this time, manhugs from me

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