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  • trail_rat

    i get on well with my hozelock one gives a good jet but i do have good pressure.

    Do you leave your hose lying on the floor ? a good reel is worth its weight in gold . i have a hozelock on the wall with a guide (it came with the house ….but its been a revelation in convienance) and keeping the hose coiled up and tidy is much more convienant than when i was at my parents with their wheel out reel or before that leaving it on the floor/hanging it over a peg in the shed when we could be bothered .

    Premier Icon mudfish

    Yeah, I know 😉

    I’ve tried a few garden centre hose nozzles and most fail to give a clean thin ket for the getting mud off tyres part of bike cleaning. I trod on mine this week [Gardena I think, yellow and grey plastic and never fab] breaking the trigger tabs so it’s trash, which gives me chance to buy a better one.

    They were aghast at the gardent centre when I asked if they’d tested them, or if I could!

    I even bought a metal one once but the internal were plastic and it was poor at making a thin jet.
    Maybe one of these really simple ones might do it?
    There’s a mad amount of choice just from gardena:

    Had one of these once but it was nothing to write home about:

    SO, you Winter bikers out there, what’;s a god reliable make/ model with a nice clean hard jet for muddy tyres please?

    I have a jet wash but I really don’t like using it for anything other than the tyres.

    thanks lots for any good tips


    Using a Soft Touch Adjustable Pistol from The Range, £4.99. Seems to work as well as/better than anything else i’ve tried apart from the, now unavailable, fancy metal one that Mr Nobody kindly broke for me.

    Premier Icon mudfish

    Hi Trail Rat,
    which hozelock model. Please.
    Yeah, I would like one of those reels, but does it freeze or can you drain it easy enough?

    Hi Coatsey
    Is it this one:
    One is a pistol, one is 4.99! Sorry, confused

    Thanks guys


    its a model 2347

    I unclick it from the tap and lock the trigger open to drain

    not had any issues yet with freezing but assume that in the deepest winter it probably will …. it can be very cold where i live.


    It’s neither of the ones you’ve shown, I wanted the metal pistol, but they had no stock, so bought their own brand plastic one as I was desperate and it was cheap.It’s part no.451915 on their site.

    Premier Icon thepurist

    I’d go for Geka or similar, horticultural quality stuff. All that Hozelock and Gardena stuff tends to fail after a bit of use/abuse/weather, whereas Geka fittings & couplings are more robust and you can replace the seals easily.

    Premier Icon mudfish

    Thanks guys, I’ll take a look at those

    are the hozelock ones any good? last one i had fell apart after about 6 months car washing/light use…wouldnt mind a new one for bike cleaning duties especially as at the mo im just using a straight jet on it, so want something with a spray/mist as well…

    those hozelock ones look the biz and can get them cheaper on ebay too

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