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  • NIkon D40 Camera Problem
  • barca
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    “Error. Press Shutter Release Button Again!.
    Does anybody know what the problem is, how it can be fixed or how much it’s likely to cost?
    There is a very feint click a few seconds after the shutter button is pressed… sounds like the shutter is going down and then a pause and it goes back up. I’ve taken the battery out and put it back in, removed the lens and refitted it, fitted a different lens and cleaned the lens contact points
    Any help gratefully received.

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    is there a hardware reset you could try?

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    it’s broken :-(

    when you say a faint click – I wonder if that’s the lens stopping down ? Or it could be one curtain moving. Does the viewfinder go blank ? If so the mirror has popped up.

    shutter fire is (order may vary):
    mirror up
    lens stops down
    first curtain opens
    2nd curtain closes
    lens opens up
    curtains retract
    mirror down

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    Just looking for a hardware reset. thanks for the tip.

    Arse! Viewfinder blacks out and doesn’t clear again until the shutter button is pressed again. I’m guessing it’s very poorly :-(

    Further to the above. Tried the hardware reset. Still the same :-(

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    how old is it?

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    Purchased from Jessops on 22/12/2007 so just over a year old

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    Select 200 asa as your default film speed / iso.
    Put the camera’s control dial to M.
    Select a shutter speed of 1/250 second.
    (In fact, you could try all the shutter speeds if you like)
    It might be that you had it on P and were shooting inside with a slow lens and the shutter speed is 1 second. That would account for the time delay!
    Check that the lenses are correctly sighted on the camera.
    Let us know how this works out.

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    That would account for the time delay!

    but not the error message! The sole function of a camera is to take photos, and if it instead generates an error message that can only indicate it is broken :-(

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    [quoteThe sole function of a camera is to take photos

    Well thank god you’ve cleared that one up for us SFB, I’ll never again doubt your authority on matters photographical. :-)

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    No luck with your tips either Ti29er but thanks very much for the suggestions. I’ll take it in to Jessops tomorrow.

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    Well thank god you’ve cleared that one up for us SFB

    I meant that the error message was pointless. It would have been more useful if it had said something like “Shutter jammed, please submit for repair”

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