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  • Newbie – Roadie tyre wheel question
  • Recently bought a ribble road bike to use for my daily commute, but I’d like to put slightly bigger tyres on it. In roadie land what controls/depicts the size of tyre you can use, is it the rim like mtb?

    Btw it also has ali mudguards fitted, so would clearance potentially be an issue too?

    Thanks in advance

    I’ve seen good reviews of swalbe marathons?

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    Clearance.. That’s about the only constraint..

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    I’ve a pair of 35mm a Schwalbe Marathon plus that are going begging if you want them?
    £45 the pair posted.
    Used once, and bought a set of plus tours..


    Some useful info HERE on tyre/rim width combinations.

    Thanks velomatic that’s really useful, looks like 25mm is the biggest I can go.

    Just about any tyre will fit on the rim, Ive got 38c on my commuter and the rims are narrower than my ‘racer’.

    Clerance will be the problem, some frames wont even take 25mm tyres, and some mudguards reduce that even further.

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    Which Ribble? The blue winter trainer?

    These are only rated for 23mm tyres by Ribble with guards, but many owners seem to say 25mm is OK.


    Try some Durano plus for fit and forget or original Duranos to preserve some zing .

    Yes chapaking the blue winter one.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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