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  • New Saracen Myst starts from £3,599
  • Ben_Haworth
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    The new Saracen Myst uses a combination single pivot, shock link and brake linkage, all made viable by the move to a shock tunnel.

    By ben_haworth

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    New Saracen Myst starts from £3,599

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    I haven’t ridden a DH bike since 26″ days. I’d love a day out on one of these but not enough to spend my own money on one.

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    Similar – the last DH bike I owned was a 26″ NP Pulse in 2013! I’d love to see how a (more) proper sized DH bike would ride like now, but not curious enough – or have the ability to disengage my brain sufficiently – to buy one again.

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    I’m still riding my 2015 myst (27.5″ flavour) but having ridden my scout at antur I would be struggling to justify getting a new dh bike. Just not worth it unless you are racing

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    Not as nice as the previous Mysts, the new Saracens kinda look cheap in comparison.

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    I’d the shimano m520 brake(on the myst pro) come fitted to my ebike, and pretty damn good they are too. a real diamond in the rough.

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