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  • Premier Icon BoardinBob

    Wiggle, Merlin & Superstar have got my business instead in the last couple of days.

    I’d love to be able to use my £10 off voucher at CRC, but the site is so bad I can’t even browse.


    I tried ordering something last night and the checkout was disabled. I think they have spent all their investment budget on a rather nifty box reduction machine. See video at 3min 10sec !


    can’t believe it still hasn’t been fixed – I mean, I’ve been going on a looking at it and it seems to be working ok for me, but if lots are still having issues then the UAT seems to have been non-existant


    Answering the eternal question…what headset for running?

    Use a proper bike shop = no whingeing about websites 🙄


    Use a proper bike shop = no whingeing about websites


    Spellchecker optional…

    I hate the new CRC website. It’s too fussy and complicated and clunky.. I went to select some tyres yesterday and then just got fed up waiting for the correct tyre size option to highlight..

    There was nothing wrong with the previous website design. It was better.

    Also, I agree.. they don’t have the bargains like they used to have.

    Premier Icon stilltortoise

    I hear that the design team was led by a consortium of long-suffering wives/husbands/partners fed up of their other halves spending all their money on bike parts. They’re working with Merlin and Wiggle now 😉

    I have just realised I am being unfair. I am not really feeling the new website and I use a 43in Plasma as a monitor. I don’t like change. I liked the old format. It was a favorite actually.

    I like CRC though and appreciate the bargains when they come up.


    Just went on to crc and now so fking fked off i want to find another shop.
    Was looking at crank brothers pedals and was interested in what else they had, maybe something on offer.
    Copy and pasted crank brothers to the crc search box. I mean from their page to their search box(just want to clarify that)
    Results- NO RESULTS 😯 WTF is that all about ??, they moght not have all their stock but they do have the pedals because i was bloody looking at them.
    Tried to get into headsets from components sub section. NOT A FKING CHANCE. Doesnt work You get a sub heading with “pick your discipline” and a list of boxes – mtb/ road bmx etc. but they dont highlight when you put the cursor over them and they certainly do sod all if you try clicking ion any of them
    Well ive sent them off an email such as it is but i think ill phone them also. if i cant navigate their stock them im better off elsewhere where i dont get a fking headache just trying to look at a website dedicated to selling bike parts.

    The order of the day with many companies is its either to justify their job or its something to do with tax breaks 😕 I would guess its the latter but im a cynical fker

    Premier Icon solarider


    I have been a loyal shopper for the past 15 years.

    I want to buy something from you.

    Your site won’t let me! I am stuck in a circular search where I can;t get to see a single product.

    I searched Shimano – ‘nothing found please be less specific’.

    If you value your business, just flick a switch and go back to the old site. I cannot physically buy anything from you right now.

    I can’t remember an online retailer making such a monumental f**kup of a new platform, and then seemingly doing nothing to fix it. It’s not like online is a seideline to your shop. It is your total business!

    Has anybody from CRC even tried to use their own site today?! Go on, I dare you.


    I was shopping for a chain …

    Looks like I get a free bedroom! 🙂


    Same here – customer since 2005.

    Not any more.

    Premier Icon weeksy

    I’ve used it a bit more recently… on a laptop it’s not TERRIBLe…. i don’t love it… but it mostly works..

    On a tablet, it’s just pathetic….


    I can’t really see what the issue is with it to be honest, apart from the odd glitch like the bedroom shown above. Very odd.

    I don’t like the window type view with the pic in the background – why can’t it just be full page?

    Apart from that its easy to navigate, although I hate hover over dropdowns, and the checkout process looks easy enough.

    Then again I’m pretty accepting of change.


    Long standing customer, used to be my default. Now it’s an intake of breath as if diving into water you know is going to be cold.

    Site either works, or the menu (which discipline) is missing, and its unusable.

    Either way, please sort it out

    Premier Icon weeksy

    although I hate hover over dropdowns

    I’m still yet to get them to work on a tablet….

    Even on here.. i can’t go to my username top right and then to active posts in one sweep as i can on a laptop.


    My view is that it’s a good example of a design that tries to do too much. You need economy in a good design. Too many buttons/dropdowns/menus don’t mean a better website.

    I can handle the subcategories down the left okay, but the (TWO lots of) ‘mtb’, ‘road’, ‘city’ etc. across the top are just horrible. Get rid of those and it would be reasonable.

    If they were really interested in customer satisfaction then they’d allow you the option to revert back to the old format…. but that’s not going to happen is it.


    I’m not sure what the fuss is about? I’ve not had any issues on work comp or at home or on my phone? I find it easy to navigate, drop downs work, as quick as I expect it to be given all the moving images on sites nowadays. Only thing I have just noticed is that my recent order does not show up in my order history – I’ve had an email confirm, so I presume it will appear at a later date and the order is on its way.

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