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  • New bike build – should I bother ?
  • elajel
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    I am currently running a 2008 turner flux. Still going strong, but like its owner getting pretty long in the tooth. Been promising myself a new bike for a while and considering buying a starling frame to build up. The wait list for the frame is 12 weeks, which is fair enough for a hand made. Obviously I have chosen the worst time ever to do this with COVID/brexit supply issues on most of the components. I can get wheels ok, but forks, shock, groupset etc seem to be pretty impossible. I’ve waited this long should- should I just wait till next year and hope supply issues get resolved, or order the frame now and start picking up components as I can find them? Could end up taking just as long.

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    I’ve just in the process of building a bike from scratch. A mixture of new and used parts and to be honest the only issue has been getting hold of a headset. It’s allegedly arriving tomorrow after four weeks. For drivetrain I just shopped around for the individual components rather than buy of a groupset.

    I’ll caveat the above with the fact I’m building a rigid bike so no suspension parts needed.

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    Order the frame

    Just be cany on ordering of parts.

    Better to have a bird in the hand as it were

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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