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  • Natural loops near Lake Vyrnwy, Bala?
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    Howdy all,

    We’re driving to the west coast of Wales near Machynlleth on Friday, looking to stop off and have a ride on the way.

    We’re riding the Mach trails over the weekend, so we’ll save them. Ridden CyB a fair bit too. Could ride Llangdela with a bit of a detour.

    Almost as unimginative as picking a trail centre would be to ask other people for routes!

    Anyone know any good wet weather routes/loops 20 miles ish round Lake Vyrnwy or Bala?



    Sorry I don’t know any but my Dad lives not far away so I’m just bookmarking so I don’t forget this exists!

    Premier Icon Esme

    Lake Vyrnwy route
    Not tried it myself, but there are lots of photos to show the terrain


    The Wayfarers across the Berwyns will drain well but would be pretty grim in bad weather. There’s a shorter (medium) route also given by STW but I’ve never done it: here.

    A bit past Mach, there is the Pont Scethin loop which is shorter but technical. An option for another time would be going up Cadair Idris on the bridleway from Llanfihangel, but in wet and windy weather it would be awful.

    If the weather forecast is really bad I would think it would be more enjoyable in a forest (Llandegla, Clocaenog or CyB).


    Ceiriog Valley route off edgecycleworks routes page? Add a trip up Vivod towards the end if the weathers good.

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    Hmmm the weather won’t be good. Rainy, 2°C, 16mph winds, gusting to 40+mph. Hadn’t really considered shelter, just trail conditions.

    Edging towards Llangdela, should be quite fun on the rigid SS, fom what I’ve heard.

    Will definitely check the others out for return visits. BiL and family over there.

    esme, keen to go back to Lake Vyrnwy, but even keener to avoid anything advertised generally as “muddy” after the rain they’ve had!

    konagirl: those Berwyn routes sound fantastic: “the true trail warrior’s dream-cometrue” as per the article 🙂 Maybe a bit exposed to be enjoyable in that^ weather, though.

    Pont Scethin rings a bell, think there might have been a MBR loop round there a while back? I might be remembering it from scoping out routes for a previous visit.

    Cheers again!

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    Thanks again for the advice about the weather!

    3″ of snow on the trail at 500m, we were pretty wet by the time we got up there from sleet further down. Not pleasant. Winds 40pmh +, blown off the trail a few times. Very glad we were’t out in the open for more than 2 or 3 miles.

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