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  • Mudguard flaps……what to use?
  • Premier Icon ton

    need to make some big long wide mudflaps for our tourers.
    made some from black dpc in the past. is there anything a bit stiffer/better.


    …as in extensions to your existing SKS (or similar)?

    If that’s what you mean, am currently using a vertical 6″ strip off an old water bottle on the rear for club runs, my club mates love it seeing as it’s been so wet of late!

    A mate used a similar sized strip off some box section wrapping-paper plastic tube. Worked well, possibly better than my Zefal bottle as it covered the sides too.


    The plastic recycling bin is a good place to look. I’m using cut outs from shampoo bottles. The plastic is soft and designed to bend repeatedly without splitting, the curve of the bottle matches the mudguard and adds to the rigidity , and you can get a choice of colours. The lettering on the bottle is also generally on one easy peel off sticker. My work bike is currently sporting a section from a TresEmme bottle in black. Living with a house full of females with long hair broadens the choices.


    Ton, we use mudhugger.

    we tried the rest (and broke most of them).
    It’s FUGLY but your the one laughing at the end of a ride as your 90% cleaner than those without mudguards or with other sorts.

    Mary Hinge

    i cut up the plastic 2.5 litre and 5 litre containers that you get engine oil, Gunk, car shampoo, white spirit etc in.

    You can use the curved corners to help them sit into the mudguard profile nicely.

    Tough as anything I’ve found.

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