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  • FunkyDunc

    Christ it’s even more tedious watching it than doing it… 😆

    I haven’t watched it all but that course looks duller than a dull thing. I’ll stick with 24/12 at Newnham.

    Premier Icon Drac

    I can see how CrazyLegs managed on a CX bike.

    That course is tragic!

    Erlestoke 12 for comparison?


    I did assume people would want to just skip to the ‘famous’ bits so I added in titles assuming Youtube would let you skip to the Kenda Koffin etc, but it didn’t work.

    To be fair, the video does make the climbs look a lot easier than they were. I wouldn’t say the descents were anything tricky, other than being a bit slippery when wet.

    Premier Icon grtdkad

    …fair play with the number of overtakes. Interesting comparing pace of the different riders, solos etc

    I think the course was about right for a long event with people of very mixed abilities. Too much singletrack and people just get annoyed with getting stuck behind, or being pushed past every few seconds. Also, remember, had it been dry there would have been more singletrack, because it turned to slop people were widening the trail massively to find some grip.

    I’m doing the Hanchurch Hills 100 this weekend, that should be the polar opposite in terms of course design 😀 I’d recommend anyone who loves singletrack to enter!

    I’ll get my excuses in early…

    It was my first lap and I hadn’t previewed the course at all (didn’t want to get the bike dirty!) so had no idea what was coming up, or how long the climbs were. It was also 5 minutes slower than my pace for the other laps (in which I didn’t have to walk the climbs.

    One day i’ll count the number of places gained… I’ve yet to watch it all the way though!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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