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  • Mondeo TDCi 130 Turbo
  • zokes
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    My Mondeo’s turbo popped this afternoon, filling half the Ogwen Valley between Bethesda and Bangor with white smoke, lots and lots of white smoke.

    Seeing as it’s a sunday, the RAC have kindly left me to ponder my car’s fate overnight before taking me anywhere within 10 miles to get it fixed. Does anyone here know how much I’m likely to be looking at for a new turbo and labour? Also, as an off chance, does anyone here know of a decen garage within 10 miles of Bethesda, north Wales?


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    I had a Saab Turbo go on me, (petrol though) looking at the thick end of £600 would be my guess at the dealers.
    One Saab Main dealer wanted £1100

    if you can source a turbo from the ‘net and get your local garage to do it possibly much less

    good luck!

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    I’ve got the same car/engine as you. Were there any clues anything was wrong before it went?

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    It had an intermittent slight ‘flat spot’ at which point it made a slight hissy noise, for months before. RAC man reckoned that could have been the start of it, but wasn’t being too committing. As it went, I heard a thud, lost some power (but still finished the overtake). Thought it probably was the turbo, and would limp it home. Had to brake for a corner, and pulling out the other side no power, and LOTS of smoke. Stopped, pretty much coasting, in the nearest laybay. No real warning of anything major until it went, just that slight niggle that it might go at some point I guess. It has done 137k though, so whilst still uncommon, it’s not unheard of. RAC man pointed out it’s the same engine in his van, so they can’t be that bad….

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    No idea of the cost for a Mondeo but my Pug 307 one cost £1200 to have replaced
    Hopefully a bit cheaper for you

    It could be the intercooler that’s gone

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    Hi theres one on Ebay…|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318

    but look at the comments at the bottom looks like someone may have been quoted £1400 at Ford….

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    About £200 for a used turbo, these won’t have been reconditioned though. Another £100 should easily fit it as it shouldn’t be that big a deal.

    Recon ones are about 400-500 from memory last time i looked. new ones you don’t wanna know!

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    Turbo technics do replacement, refurbs, new, etc. I had a 130, great car, popped the Turbo at 177K, then found out that Ford test upto 150K !, so when my current TDCi gets to 150K, I’m replacing the turbo.

    White smoke ?, doesn’t seem like a turbo issue to me, white smoke is water related. Then again, I’m not sure if the turbos are liquid cooled, but usually its the shaft bearings that go, and when they break down this leaks oil, oil system pressure drops and engine internals get damaged too.

    I was quoted £1500 for a new engine form a place near heathrow, but with 177K on the clock, I just scrapped it, £550.

    Got a 115 now, not quite got the sparkle of a 130, but they’re good cars for what they are and what they cost.

    Good luck


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    Mine seems to hesitate slightly occasionally, can sometimes feel it whilst off the gas and decelerating as well, but no hiss. Only done 65k or so though so hopefully fine, I did hear there was an ECU update to address an intermittent flat spot at low revs so that might be my problem.

    Nice and quick though 🙂

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    Well, there’s oil spattered all over the engine bay, that seems to have come from the turbo area, and the RAC guy reckoned the white smoke was certainly indicative of turbo. Add to that that it sounds and looks fine when not revving, but smoke shoots out as soon as it is revved, and that’s what he reckoned. So £500-£1500… No new bike or alps trip for me then….. 🙁

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    Try the scrap yard in Llandudno junction.
    They’re very good, cheap and you get a little warranty.
    You’ll get the mileage of the car they took it off.

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    this lot know stuff that might help. Some of them recover and repair.

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    Are you sure it’s the turbo? I had a similar problem with my mondeo at 97K. It was the hose between the turbo and the EGR valve. The oil from the turbo eventually rots the pipe so that it splits, causing the whoosh that you got (between 2-3000rpm) the power loss is because the split opens up and dumps all the boost pressure out.

    Mine cost £120 to fix with a pipe from eBay.

    Just check the pipe first before you splash out on a turbo.

    The pipe is situated at the front left and if you feel round it there will be an oily residue over the pipe. Give it a squeeze and you should be able to see the split.

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    Well, the turbo was clean in two! So £971 later, I’ve got my car back with a new turbo. It seems (from the short run i’ve given it back to work from the garage) that there may have been something amiss for quite some time, as it’s a lot quicker than it used to be! I’ll give it a decent run this evening to see if anything breaks…

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