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  • Merino long sleeve tops – suggestions pls
  • Rustychain
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    My 10+ year old Endura Baa Baa Merino long sleeve top is finally giving up the ghost.

    It’s 100% merino. It doesn’t look like Endura make the model anymore.

    Any suggestions for a 100% merino, snug fitting replacement?

    Howies have got a couple of tops in their sale. Are they still a rated brand?

    The Decathlon offering looks pretty good at £40.


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    Madison are good, DHB have some stuff worth looking at

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    Have a couple of Fohn merino tops. No complaints. They dont smell 😉

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    The sweet protection hunter top at stif.

    Sweet Protection Hunter Long Sleeve Merino Jersey Black

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    Carnac Long Sleeve Merino Base Layer

    It used to be that you could get two of these for £40, which was an absolute bargain. Current price is good – they’re comfy and last ok.

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    Icebreaker, expensive but worth every penny. Tried Fohn and DHB but they don’t last

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    Mountain Warehouse for inexpensive ones. I’m pretty happy with the one I commute in.

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    Vulpine off sportpursuit have been good for me. Fits a size smaller than labelled. And deffo require a wool wash or prepare for major shrinkage.

    Or if aldi do them later this year snap up the Crane ones. I got a long sleeve and 2 short sleeve ones. Spot on for the money.

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    Get that Sweet Protection one if they have your size.

    Bought one myself last year, it’s the best I’ve had and super comfy.

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    Keela is quality and of similar thickness to my endura baa baa.

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    Isobaa (180g) tops are brilliant, got a couple I’ve had for years now. Couple of tiny holes but other than that, lasting well. sports Pursuit, £40 at the min.

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    I’ve liked the DHB ones I got when they were on sale at £25. No idea what they’re priced at now… But given the news this week…

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    Howies sale good value but will fall apart eventually…
    Icebreaker is the best, good value in Sports Pursuit sales….

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    I’ve got two Isobaa merino tops from Sportpursuit which I’m really happy with, nice red base layer and a green zipped hoodie. Had the green one for years so was happy to buy another. I also have a Fjern Merino/poly/bamboo blend which I like but it’s a slightly heavier option.

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    I’ve just bought a couple of the Carnac/Planet X ones, seem good but they’ve not been through a wash yet.

    I was going to buy Isobaa but MrsIHN warned me off – all the Isobaa ones she’s had have not lasted well at all.

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    Ive got a Montane one which is nice and was decent value with one of their regular discount codes.

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    I think, to an extent, that’s merino wool for you, the relative fragility I mean. The downside of comfortable,  fine, soft fibres is that they tend to do badly with abrasion and holing, leggings are worse because walking = friction against trousers = merino death.

    I’ve used Smartwool and Icebreaker – both premium both very nice, both still fragile – Howies, ditto, Alpkit, as good as anything else I’ve used, Isobaa, same, plus some others I’ve forgotten.

    Merino-polyester mixes are notably more robust ime and have the bonus of wicking and drying faster. I have no idea who makes them at present, I think Icebreaker has some options, certainly Rab and Montane used to. Personally I find pure merino gets soggy fast on mountain bikes. It’s an interesting fabric, apparently it holds a certain amount of water vapour sort of in suspension initially, but after that point, the bucket is full and it overflows into saturation. Lovely fabric for low level activities for me, not so great for high tempo/spiky on-off efforts. YMMV

    A pricey option is Mons. I have base layer that’s been going for some time from their ski range. Trimmed the sleeves a little as the thumb loops weren’t needed,

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    I know you said 100% merino, but Montane Primino is worth a look.

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    that’s merino wool for you, the relative fragility I mean.

    I think you’re right, I’ve had lots over the years, mostly worn for work as I work outdoors. I prefer the feel over pure synthetics. My old on one merino tops are full of holes, as are the cheap ones from Aldi. I had a couple from Howies but sent them back as they came with holes in them. On reflection the zipped Isobaa top hasn’t had a lot of use, it feels too nice for mountain biking but I have had it for years and it’s as good as new. The newer one I’ve only had for a few months but it’s had more use. The Fjern blended top has had a lot of use and is lasting well. I also have two Decathlon short sleeve merino tops which have had a lot of use and the only hole is due to a heavy contact with a tree. I would consider buying from Decathlon again. I don’t know if they do 100% merino but I like Ground Effect merino/polyester tops, I’ve got three, which are more like mid layers.

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    Thanks for all the responses – plenty for me to look into!

    The Baa Baa top has lasted 10+ years so I’m hopeful I can find something with the same longevity.

    A merino blend does sound like it could work. I sweat heavily which is what I like about merino, I’ve never felt cold. But it can take an age to dry. As always, it’s finding the right balance with blended fabrics.

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    Marks and Spencers Merino or merino and cashmere sweaters. As good as the trendy names without the trendy price. Even better deals in charity shops. Sub a fiver.

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    Icebreaker then keela ones for me

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