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  • Maxxis ADvantage 2.1
  • Coyote
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    Has anyone got any real life experience they’d like to share? Also, how to they shape up size wise?

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    used the 2.4 and the 2.25.
    They come up BIG in my opinion.
    Good all rounder. Quite liked them up here in the Peak.
    I found the sidewalls went through to the canvas quite quickly and one got a hole in because of this.
    Also got very expensive. LBS stopped doing them because of the price.

    Might be worth having a look at the Maxxis copies 18bikes are doing (CST?). I don’t really know much about them though.. someone on here might be running them!

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    I have them front and rear on my ‘all-round’ wheelset.
    No complaints, seem fine to me. Good tyre with no particularly noticable bad points, low resistance and grip seems good.
    Don’t remember what size I have though…

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    I’ve run them on the back for a couple of years, HR ST up front. The 2.1 is marginally smaller than the 2.35 HR but there’s not much in it. Good all-rounder, I don’t faff about changing tyres for the seasons and they cope fine. Avoid the XCeption variant, lovely and grippy but very fragile sidewalls.

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    I have them on my HT and they do seem to come up larger than a normal 2.1. That said, quite like them as a general tyre. I’ve ridden them over winter so snow, mud and briefly dry trails and have been happy with them.

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    Have the 2.1 UST versions front and rear. They seem bigger than the 2.1 Continental Mountain Kings they replaced, but never measured them.

    Like them a lot, seem to do everything well all year round. Tubeless so run fairly low pressures. Will probably buy the same again when they wear our.

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    My fave all-condition tyre. I’m happy running them f&r, but often just on the front with a rear Crossmark or Medusa for dry trails / heavy mud.

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    Mine do seem to have worn a little faster than my Nevegals but no idea if that’s a fair judgement

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    I’ve got a pair of wire 2.25s which come up pretty large, I like them in good to moderate conditions. A bit surfy in the slop! However, now I’m a bit more aware of this I can shove the bike into corners a bit more and the back carries around… or I slip and get my foot out!

    It says min. pressure 35, 30 appears to be just fine.

    Got mine as a pair from another STWer, I’d probably go 2.1 rear 2.25 front if I was getting a pair from a shop.

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    Have run a 2.1 folding 60a tubed on the rear (35-40 psi) for 8 months and then converted to tubeless on flow rims with stans sealant for past 4 months (30 psi) …sizes up with reasonable volume but seems reasonably fast rolling and has been my general use tyre for everything except full on mud, when a 2.0 Bonty Mud-x comes out. Seems to be a good balance of roll and traction from dry through wet, and has worn reasonably well. I’m going to try a LUST crossmax 2.1 for hard packed trail and bridal way duties and lower rolling resistance though if summer ever arrives :roll:

    On taking a closer look at the 60a, it actually says “maximum load 90kg” on the sidewall which I’ve never spotted before… + bike has been 100kg at least, but no problems with a years use.

    Had the wired 70 version before that and that was a bit slippy on rocks/roots when things got wet…..but then again that was pre my tubeless conversion and I tended to default to 40 psi pressures….hard compound and higher pressures probably not optimal in the wet in hindsight! Tried running it reversed as suggested in various online places and it certainly grabbed and gripped more on braking, but wore faster also. Would recommend 60a over 70 to give more versatility from dry through to slippy wet/light mud.

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    Comprehensive answers as always folks!

    Thanks very much. Just pressed “Place Order” on CRC so should have them in the next couple of days.


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