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  • Lost in a world of shimano shifter/TRP brake lever adaptors!
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    Hi folks, just getting round to trying to fit the bargain TRP Slate Evo brakes that I picked up last year.
    I spent 45 mins in my LBS yesterday and we couldn’t work out what adaptor I need to mate my SLX shifter to my new brake lever.
    Photos below…any ideas please?

    I assume I need to remove the bolt and old mount from the top of the shifter and something will go through the recessed hole inside the lever clamp and into the shifter with some shaped adjusty bit of metal but can’t work out what.


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    Does the shifter mount that you’ve got not fit inside the brake clamp?

    You can remove the existing shifter mount if you need to. Need to remove the top cover by taking out the 3x tiny screws on the underside. Then inside the top cover of the shifter is a slightly larger (but still quite small) screw that holds the shifter mount to the cover.

    I swapped that type of mount for an e mount on an M8000 shifter. It needed a bit of filing of the shifter to make it fit though.

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    I think when I got mine , the Merlin site said that they where i-spec ii but I couldn’t get my i-spec ii shifter to fit

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    Looks like the lever takes I spec b directly mounted like Hope tech3 lever does.

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    There is a compatibility chart for adapters on the TRP site or their UK distributor.

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    Thanks for the replies everyone, I was out and about yesterday so didn’t see them until now.

    I’ll look at the I spec b direct mount.

    Nickfrog: that chart was the cause of all the confusion in the bike shop! My LBS is pretty good but they, and me, just couldn’t work out what we needed!

    Can I just get a new clamp for the shifter? What would that be? I’m too old for all this shit!

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    That shifter seems to be an i-spec II, same as the one I run. If that’s the case, your TRP Slate Evo needs an HD3.4 adapter according to their chart.

    Looks about right. The adapter seems to clamp the shifter between the adapter and the bar, inboard of the actual brake lever clamp, if I’m reading that picture right. Whether you can get them in the UK is another matter.

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    Alternatively, as the TRP brake seems to be i-spec b (I think) you could try this:

    Or possibly even this to convert the shifter to bar clamp (not sure about that, but SJS are good at answering technical queries).

    (I’m assuming that’s an 11 speed shifter).

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