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  • neallyman

    Thanks Mr Mills I thought that, typical Germans!

    Premier Icon tomaso

    I wouldn’t expect a well ridden alluminium frame to last more than 5 years. Steel and Ti longer but nothing lasts forever.

    A mate had a 7 year old Marin FS frame replaced with no qibbles but it was an old stock frame and not a current model, but still newer than the one it replaced.

    I think Orange are a bit tight with their frames out of warranty and only offering a % off the full RRP of a replacement.

    b r

    tbh Pretty much the last thing I’m looking at when buying most things (TV’s excepted) is the warranty.

    And if you are not careful you’ll end up over-paying (ie Mercs) for the warranty and/or it’ll be overbuilt and last-generation (ie Kia).


    wwaswas – nope, it was on a 08 575 rear end, near the mech hanger.

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    that’s not good then 🙁 fatigue life of the frame should be longer than the warranty period…


    99 years for Pronghorns.

    Marin warrenty service is generally excellent (lifetime for bearings and I think 5 years for the rest?)

Viewing 6 posts - 41 through 46 (of 46 total)

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