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  • 'Knot in the tube' an excellent bodge!
  • RealMan

    Or take a puncture repair kit as well…


    Yup it's a good fix.

    I've ridden home with a tyre full of grass before, not fun.

    Premier Icon alfabus

    Got a puncture on my commute home tonight – from what I can tell, the glue on an old patch gave way.

    Whipped out the tube, grabbed my spare tube and pumped furiously…. nothing…. checked it over – massive hole, looked like it had been chewed! There were some chain links in my saddlebag from where my chain had snapped a few months ago, and I think they had eaten my spare tube.

    I didn't fancy a long walk, so I managed to bodge some pressure into the wheel by knotting the tube, stretching it on to the rim and getting the tyre to seat (not easy with 23mm tyres!

    Bit of a bumpy ride, and lots of rubbing noises and burning smells, and I got to Epsom station and caught a train home.

    Moral of the story, check your spares!


    Premier Icon clareymorris

    Ran out of tubes AND patches so good ole cable ties did the trick!!!

    Premier Icon swavis

    I've not seen cable ties used liked that before. I shall remember that one. Cheers 😀


    hehe, looks like black pudding!

    That's a brilliant bodge. love it. 😀

    Reminds me of the time we used many zipties to lash a mates cassette to his spokes after his freehub fell apart


    Try the C-Tubes from SJSCycles The 'C' forms a whole tube once it's inside the wheel and you do not need to remove the wheel!!!!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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