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    I’ve always had a victorinox in car or saddlebag, because when I’m not thinking I’m Mr Bond, I’m Macgyver.

    No hysteria needed, plus I think if anyone was to take the decision to murderise me, I’d be long gone and tucked up in bed before they manage to finally open the blade, but having also bottle opener, magnifying glass, tiny scissors and some line eyelet open, effectively rendering it useless as a weapon.

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    unknown wrote:

    Some areas of the country/society have a genuine problem with knife carrying engrained into the culture. There’s no way to stop that other than zero tolerance. It might inconvenience people when a knife could have been handy, but that’s the price we pay. Self-policing your own responsibility to carry a knife isn’t really an option.
    FWIW I take a penknife camping and into the hills and that’s it. In either situation I’ve very rarely needed to use the blade.

    But would zero tolerance not include out camping? (Serious Question) you can come into contact with other people etc. have an argument or just loose it a bit and go all Rambo.


    I have an opinel on me most of the time, but I live on a farm, and it comes in handy pretty often off the farm too. I always take a small Leatherman on the bike, pliers are v. handy, and I’m increasingly carrying that instead of a pocket knife.

    I bet 1/4 of the people in my local have a knife on them, ‘just because’, when you live in the country or work outdoors you just do. I wouldn’t take one into town though, and a mate of mine actually spent a night in the cells in Oxford as he’d still got his knife in his pocket from earlier in the day (he’s a farmer’s son), and it got found on a pat down at a club, he’ll never live that down!


    Life is full of possible dangers what you are describing is so far down the list that I hadn’t even thought about it.

    If you’d had a knife pulled on you, you might find you’d think about it a little bit more..


    I usually carry a Swiss army knife . I tend to use it every day . Cutting food gardening cutting a patch for a torn tyre . The bottle opener comes in handy as does the can opener and screwdriver blades . Due to having interesting teeth I also use the tooth pick a lot.

    I have carried one since I was 10 so that is 37 years I am on my second and the blades are about half the width they used to be from resharpening . I have never had the slightest temptation to use it as a wepon and suspect no one is going to beat me up then get it out of my pocket and do me mischief.


    No and I’ve never needed to use a knife whilst out, either on or off the bike. You lot are weird 😆 keep them in the kitchen where they’re actually useful.


    If I have a knife pulled out on me they already have a knife.

    I have never seen a knife been pulled but I have seen a bottle go over someones head and a glass go in someones face.

    Violence seems to be your issue but you are focussing on someone carrying a knife implying violence rather than some who is intent on doing you harm picking the nearest thing to hand which isnt going to be in my pocket where there may or may not be a small penknife which they would have to then open before cutting someone up.

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    Oh yeah – Knives – who knew. (not me obviously)



    Would carrying a chainsaw with you not be more handy than a knife?


    Moots have made a bike for that very purpose of chainsaw duty 🙂

    Premier Icon somafunk

    I carry a knife with me pretty much 24hrs of the day, have done since i was a wee boy but then again unlike many of the IT/City working/Business led crowd on here i have always lived in the country, specifically growing up in very rural locations in Galloway/Argyll. We used to carry our knifes to school, along with our fishing rods as we all fished in the burn that ran outside the school at lunchtimes, admittingly there was only 15 kids in the entire primary school and we all used to share one big classroom so i expect my childhood upbringing was as far removed from 99% of stw’ers as humanly possible, i also used to ride my CR Arrow 50cc motocross bike to primary school if i missed the community bus so i guess that’s another weird one for folk to get their head around – not everyone is brought up in large communities and as such so called “social norms” do not apply to the entirety of the population.

    I generally carry at all time my Kershaw Damascus Scallion as i find myself using it upteen times a day to open packaging at work or just as handy round the farm at weekends, if i don’t have that one clipped into my pocket i prob have my Kershaw OD-2 as it fits so unobtrusively in my pocket yet can hold a very keen edge.

    And for those who condemn the owning of a pocket knife i imagine they also find it rather perturbing as to why folk would feel the need for possesing such a “vicious” object, as an example i was up at a mates farm t’day and used my Damascus to : slice open a bag of colostrum, and cut open a sterile plastic teet wrapper, opened a few boxes, cut cable ties, topped some plants in the walled garden & sliced my apples (4 front crowns so can’t bite into apples), cut the courgettes,spinach/peppers/squash for tea cut twine to tie up pheasant feeders and more but i’m getting bored now so i’ll shut up. Tomorrow at my other workplace i’ll use it upmteen times a day opening bags and boxes so i consider i am justified to carry it with me 24hrs a day, if the law says otherwise then the law is an absolute **** arse and i’d happily take my day in court to argue otherwise and i’d win.

    If you think carrying a locking pocket knife is an illegal offence then how’d you feel about me carrying a 15″ stihl bushhook and 350mm silky saw along with a felling axe? – all those items are currently sat in the boot of my car along with a chainsaw and a cartridge nailgun/driver that i was using to fix roofing sheets onto one of the cowshed roofs t’day?.

    If you’re a wee Glasgow ned stoating about wi a plukie face, wearing trackie bottoms and brandishing a 4″ serrated tomato knife whilst swigging fae a bottle o’ buckie then fair game – you deserve a kicking and a night in the cells followed by court and a suspended sentence 😉 but for the vast majority of the population who carry a pocket knife?, to brand then as “breaking the law” for carrying a knife is **** ludicrous.


    Frankly mrlebowski the only thing I have found concerning in this thread is not the potential use of my Leatherman Juice against me by some super villain whose x-ray vision has detected it’s presence in my pocket. No, it is your apparent need to tar everyone else with your “everything’s a weapon” fantasies, belt as a whip? ffs get a grip and stop watching Crimewatch and Steven Segal movies when you are pissed, you are mixing them up.


    somafunk for PM!!

    you are Ivor the skiver, the motorbike driver (the lad at our primary who rode his motorbike to school, well Jason King did too on occasion but he didn’t have a decent name for making up rhymes) and I claim my £5

    I haven’t carried a knife regularly since I was a plukie-faced wee ned FWIW


    I have Leatherman Micra that lives on my key ring, it gets used every day for something, the scissors are the most useful tool!

    There is a small Gerber multi tool in my MTB saddlebag/camelback.

    I work in manufacturing/heavy Engineering and am out on site/in the factory most weeks, and pocket knife/multi tool is part of my ‘everyday carry’ and not just a fashion accessory…

    I never visit city pubs or clubs, so don’t fear getting searched and locked up.

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    I carry a Gerber Suspension tool in my bag when I’m riding. Mainly for the pliers, but the knife blade is used occasionally – cutting off cable-ties, digging out thorns from tyres, spreading cream cheese on crackers etc.

    Sometimes carry a folding pruning saw or hand-chainsaw if I know there’s some trail maintenance to be done. Not really knives though.

    It might inconvenience people when a knife could have been handy, but that’s the price we pay.

    Bloke I worked with years ago always carried a knife as has been stated the norm when you live in the country. Left the knife behind one day as he was heading for “civilisation” where knives are frowned upon. Came upon a car wreck that had just happened, guy trapped in his car, tangled in his seatbelt, my workmate trying to help him out, car catches fire, reaches in to pocket for knife to cut belt, no knife.

    Just a slight inconvenience for the guy that burned to death screaming and thrashing trapped by his belt in the car, at least my workmate didn’t stab anyone in town that day! A price worth paying?


    Not as a rule, although I generally have a multi-tool in my bag so that I at the least have pliers or something to hand. I seem to be going with the popular choice; it’s a Gerber Suspension.

    I also tend to carry a rescue tool/strap cutter with me for just what this post ^^ describes. I’ve not needed it, but you never know. It cost next to nothing, has no blade, the sharp edge is hidden/enclosed and it can be mounted on my body armour if need be, so it is very useful.

    Big Dave

    I always carry a Victorinox Manager with me. It is a very handy tool that gets used at least once a day. The little screwdriver is excellent for adjusting the tension screws on V-brakes. The blade is so small I’d have to be very skillful and determined to do anybody any harm with it and the person I’m attacking would have to be very patient.

    There is nothing macho or Ray Mearsish behind me carrying a knife. Its just that I’ve yet to find a smart phone App with a sharp edge or built in pair of scissors.

    I find my samurai sword and sharpened screw driver particulalry handy for robbing rural post offices and settling minor feuds with heroin dealers.


    My concern comes from those who carry a knife & may in a moment of idiocy decide to pull it in a conflict & either use it to hurt someone else or have it used against them. You say you wont but can you be 100% sure it’ll never happen? Why not just remove the temptation, solve the problem before it becomes a problem & leave it at home.

    Yes I can.

    If you can’t, then I think you shouldn’t be allowed to carry a knife.

    Or a set of keys, or a phone, or wear a belt, or drink out of glass containers in public etc.

    But for those of us that aren’t spending all day dreaming up inventive ways of using everyday objects as weapons, carrying a Leatherman micra or similar will never cause any problems.

    I’ve got one of those Gerber multitools. I think its a “diesel”. I find awkward to use and quite poorly made. I don’t carry it on the bike as its quite heavy and if I found myself in a situation where I really needed a sturdy pair of pliers, metal file, wood saw etc. it would probably break!

    I’ve got a cheap and tiny (smaller than a couple of tyre levers)lookalike with reasonable pliers and a small blade that has occasionally been useful for bodging repairs.

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