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    I thought i had decided on the Kinesis crosslight fiveT but now i've noticed the Kona Jake the Snake. Can anyone vouch for one over the other?



    Both perfectly capable bikes, seen both at races.
    The Kinesis is usually frame only, and the Kona a complete build?
    Kinesis for a racey bike
    Kona for a more do-it-all bike.


    I've got the kinesis pro5, which has the same geometry. I use it for everything I wouldn't use a mountain bike for. It's quite upright and relaxed, but holds it's own on road rides and is great for cross racing as well (I'm told). Haven't ridden the kona, but you should be able to get a better kinesis build for the same money unless the kona is marked down.

    Kinesis is ~900 built with tiagra and okay wheels, Kona is a grand with 105 and Aksiums.

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    If you worry about weight, I suspect the Kona is a bit heavier (build dependent). If not I prefer the look etc of the Jakes.


    I can't vouch for one over the other as I haven't ridden the crosslight. I've had a jake the snake for 3 years and I absolutely love it. I use it mainly for commuting but it's great off road and I've even done a sportive on it.


    ETT may help you decide as they offer a slightly different reach

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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