its 14.10 and im still………..

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  • its 14.10 and im still………..
  • Huxley555

    Have been all morning, i do have to nip out to tesco to grab something.

    The weather is meant to be picking up as the day goes on so i should be nipping out for a spin.

    Tomorrow onwards it's meant to be rather crappy so gym it is for me….


    I was going to race cross at Blenheim today until I found out it was pre-entry. Couched up now though.


    Stupidly got up at 5.45am after 4 hours sleep and suffering the after effects of a Saturday night on the beer and whisky to watch the Formula 1 procession around Suzuka. Then back to bed till midday, straight to sofa for MotoGP and brunch and now watching Touring Cars. Thought about a road ride but looks like its going to rain, so might venture to the gym if I can haul my arse off the sofa.


    up at 6am – watched GP-drove back down the coast to arbroath – on the bike for 9am start – rode till 12 – ate lots of food – watching 125 motos now


    in my PJs, wifey been working all week and didnt rise till 10.30, had lunch then went to work again! then 3 yr old went to sleep wedged up against me so cant move! Anyone else being a total couch potato?


    About to put bike in car for ride in the Dales – phone rings. There's a problem at work which needs my input. 2 hours later job sorted but too late for dales ride so just went local.
    West Yorkshire isn't all dark satanic mills 😉 This is just a mile from my house (2 hours ago)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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