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  • So we have various devices (Apple, Android Windows) and are using BT infinity. For the second month in a row we have gone way over our allowance and the charges are hefty πŸ™

    I will probably change our package in the New Year, but in the meantime I would like to know why we have suddenly started using significantly more. Theories include;
    – New iPhone (google shows lots of people complaining that the new one uses more bandwidth and this tallies with the fact that it was speed limited last month as it had gone over the mobile data allowance)
    – You Tube of Minecraft videos – A new discovery for mini-me
    – Cromecast – Used to watch Strictly via BBC iPlayer on the Computer Monitor when the TV broke last month

    BT’s online utility only summarises the total usage. The router will not give me any stats by device. Google suggests downloading opensourse firmware for the router, but I don’t want to do that on BT’s box so it would mean getting another router

    What are other people doing?


    Premier Icon Drac

    I use unlimited stopped the issues right there, using infinity it makes sense to do that especially for iplayer use and videos.


    Stop watching strictly snd your issues will be solved πŸ˜‰

    Unlimited seems a good choice, but I am keen to see why there is a sudden increase. I may need to ‘speak to someone’ about their usage if one person is hogging the lot πŸ˜‰

    And, for the record’ I have never watched a full episode of Strictly πŸ™‚


    The only real way to do it is to get some form of inline monitor or filter that will give you stats.

    Some routers might allow you to do that but with the kit you have you won’t have much choice.

    I would suggest your usage is probably the little one watching youtube clips, youtube handily gives you the highest quality it can for your broadband speed so if you’re on fiber you’ll get HD which can be a couple of Gb each.

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    It’s called “infinity” but there’s a cap on how much data you can use on your home connection? Or are we talking mobile here?


    Your mini-me sounds much like mine. No longer watches TV with mum & dad, permenantly wired up to iPad watching idiotic crap.
    Switch to unlimited, as we did.

    @ chakaping – Yup, home broadband, but I have the ‘cheaper’ version of Infinity.

    I have been researching Open Source software for Routers and I may be able to get my hands on an older router to do the job for now until I can sort out ‘unlimited’ broadband in the New Year. However, I was hoping to get costs down in the New Year and not to negotiate higher caps for the same money πŸ™

    BT also decided to let me know that the price for my package has gone up today πŸ™


    Dd-wrt cable routers are quite cheap most of the tp link ones can be flashed and can be had for 20 quid

    Dd-wrt firmware is useful as there are several methods for restricting device usage e.g. block Internet access per device before 7am and after 9pm

    And, for the record’ I have never watched a full episode of Strictly

    Not got the staying power? πŸ˜‰

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