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  • Issue 146: In Praise of Petrichor
  • chipps
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    Mountain biking smells aren’t just of damp shoes and disappointment. There’s joy to be found in the company of a good trail nose. Words by Chipps, pho …

    By chipps

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    In Praise of Petrichor

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    It has a name! The smell I have drawn deep into my lungs since my first youthful rides and which has kept me company through the intervening Winters, thank you.

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    Early 90s MTBing smells for me were GT85, cold(!) pine forests, strangely long cigarettes, petrol and damp/mouldy/sweaty track mitts.

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    It has a name!

    the chemical responsible is called Geosmin.

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    Yep. GT85 is what mountain biking smells of.

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