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  • Bagstard

    Liking the chicken/bacon and roast veg there Solo, the one dish cooking thing is always a winner.

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    Guys, if you want ham in that soup you add ham. Not my bag, but its all good. In fact feel free to add or delete what you fancy. If you think it’s better let us all know :mrgreen:

    The stone soup was that 16 ideas for lunch that aren’t sandwiches link I think.

    I have it saved on the iPad. I’ll repost it when I get home.

    Anybody got some compliant ‘snacks’ or something to get me through the day kinda thing that doesn’t involve nuts or hummus (or require refrigeration…)?


    Would Beef Jerky fit in with the rules?

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    iDave had posted some links to other websites for ideas on breakfast and lunch.

    Think one of them was ” Stone Soup ” ??.

    That was one of mine. It’s kettle soup, from a blog called Stone Soup. Dead easy; works best if you give it a 30s blast in the microwave after letting it stand for 3 minutes as it cools a bit much otherwise. Really easy to adapt to whatever you’ve got in.


    Anybody got some compliant ‘snacks’ or something to get me through the day kinda thing that doesn’t involve nuts or hummus (or require refrigeration…)?

    My Scotch eggs were very nice as a snack.
    How long they’d survive without refrigiration, I daren’t say.

    Sainsbury’s do a 100 – 120g of pepperoni slices.
    Very munchable as a snack, esp with a few cherry toms.

    I would add though, that as time goes by, my need to snack has dissappeared.

    Infact, I find I’m eating less these days.
    Just can’t fit it all in.
    If I go for it, I just feel stuffed all afternoon.

    Typically, these days.
    I’m on a black coffee mid morning.
    Lunch today, 250g of cherry toms, a pack of sliced chorizo and about 300g of char grilled chicken breast.
    Dinner will be some Chilli, from the freezer, a batch I made at the weekend.

    Chilli in a Lock-n-Lock in the morning and brought to work, I thought should keep until lunchtime / snack O’clock.

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    Anybody got some compliant ‘snacks’ or something to get me through the day kinda thing that doesn’t involve nuts or hummus (or require refrigeration…)?

    Eat more at mealtimes.


    huevos rancheros.

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    Miketually: yes on both counts. The link I saw posted by iDave was this one which is the same…

    And eat more, yes. Probably best to eat breakfast too 😳 it’s just when I walk to work I have to leave early and it’s a bit of a struggle managing that and leaving on time… It’s white bean toona salad tomorrow for lunch so that hopefully will fill me up…

    You boys sure do love yer meat. I’m just not that carnivorous…

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    Here’s my recipes, wife and I have been doing this for the last 6 weeks. Both lost most weight in the first week and now seem to have plateaued, we have been cheating a little (some porridge, and 2 pieces of dark chocolate after dinner) but weight loss had slowed before this. I lost 3kg in the first week and then only 1 more since. Have been active etc so bit confused why not loosing more. I think the main benefit has been not eating bread (gives me indigestion) and have cut down from 2 beers a night to 2 a week\1


    onions/spring onions, mushrooms, ham fried up with beans then tin of toms added in and allowed to thicken up. Serve with fried eggs.

    Omelet – red onion thinly sliced and fried with mushrooms and chorizo. Add spinach then eggs.


    Griddled chicken with a massive salad. Salad can include anything but typically is (well it was tonight) toms, spring onions, red/orange peppers, beetroot, radish, watercress, avocado, grated carrot, beans. Topped off with a dressing of 1/2 olive oil, 1/2 vinegar, and a big spoonful of wholegrain mustard.

    Lentils: Chop and fry and onion, add chopped carrots (and swede if you want), and a bit of garlic, fry a bit then add some bacon or gammon. Fry a bit more then add 500 grams of brown or green lentils, 1.5lt of water and 2 bay leaves (you can also put in other things like cumin – that was nice). You then need to cook it for long enough to cook the lentils. We use a pressure cooker (good for cooking beans too) for 15 mins on setting number 1. I like this a lot and is easy to take to work.

    Sausage, beans and leek casserole (had this last night and for todays lunch – it’s nice! BBC Good FOod

    Chicken thighs roasted on a load of veg (raw beetroot is very nice when roasted) chop up some chorizo and scatter in with the veg – makes it nicer.

    Fabada – spanish food with chorizo, black pudding, fabada beans: link

    Chickpea flour pancakes – nice to dip in eggs, make then mixture the night before and cook them in the morning then use a a wrap for sandwiches (nice if you spear humus inside with the sandwich filling.

    Made my own Humus – that was nice with a load of carrot, celery, peppers and cucumber to dip in it.

    Cottage pie with parsnips and carrot on top

    Chilli with extra beans

    Thats it for now.


    You boys sure do love yer meat. I’m just not that carnivorous…

    I was the same.
    But, for me, another part of all this.
    Was to become more active.
    So I got myself into the gym, in addition to riding the bike at weekends and for trips to the shop during the week.

    While reading about this subject I learnt that the body.
    Slowly, and over time, reduces the amount of muscle we have.
    After a certain age.
    Further reading indicated a certain level of protein intake, might be useful in offsetting this, later age, muscle loss.

    When I hit the gym, for the first time in twenty years 😯
    I was shocked at how little weight I could move.
    Obviously, time had taken its toll on me.

    So, I move weights and I’ve increased my protein intake.
    It may not be for everyone, but I haven’t minded increasing the amount of meat I eat.

    I prefer fish, but its not always easy to get what I want.
    It can still be a bit seasonal and I’m not that impressed with the fish counters at some of the larger supermarket chains.

    I’m currently reading ” Sky’s the limit “.
    I’ve just reached the part where Brad Wiggins has trimmed down to support his efforts in the 09 Tour de France.

    Guess what ?.
    He says that he cut out the grain, the bread, the beer.
    Sound familiar ?.

    I’ve noted the same thing.
    Beer puts it on me, or prevents me losing more weight.
    So I am cutting back on the beer too.

    Cheers for all the additional recipes.
    I reckon that BBC food site is a good call too !.


    My breakfast tends to be meat heavy, but it generallty tapers off through the day, although last nights dinner was Solo’s chicken wrapped in bacon roasted on top of a mass of roast veg. Oh I through in some lovely beef sausages and the odd bit of bacon/balsamic vinegar/garlic. Yum!Todays breakfast omelette with beef sausages. I’m going to have a crack at the scotch eggs today.

    Solo, just try and add small amounts of weight each workout and your strength will soon increase. Stay away from the isolation exercises and stick to the big calorie burning compound stuff.


    Throwing a few sausages in with the roast !.
    Genius !, will try that.

    stick to the big calorie burning compound stuff.

    Sorry for my lack of knowledge, but I’m not sure what that is.
    Are you describing things like Deadlift ?.
    I’ve recently started these, after observing several YT vids.
    I enjoy the deadlift as I feel I’m getting a chance to really just have a good go.

    I started out at 85/86 Kg.
    Dropped to around 78Kg, but have gone up again to around the 81Kg mark.
    Some of that has been beer creep 😳
    And some of that increase has been muscle.
    My waist doesn’t appear to have really changed.
    Still on notch 4 of 5 on my belt.

    Was in the gym last night after work and it was packed.
    Made me start thinking about setting something up at home.

    Thinking about Scotch Eggs last night, I had an idea.
    Basically, make up a donner kebab spice mix, but instead of it being minced lamb.
    I would use pork for the Scotch Egg.
    ***Goes off to find Doner Kebab spice recipe***


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    solo I’ve cut beer down to just 2 on my day off. I think its the little cheats that stop more weight coming off, a bowl of porridge every now and then a bit of 70% dark chocolate. I think these have enough sugar in them to muck it all up. been doing the tabata training on a turbo that seems to be helping and I can easily fit it in around 2 young kids a dog and lots of healthy cooking.


    Deadlifts are excellent, as are squats, bench press, barbell rows, overhead press,dips/chins/pullups. All these exercises allow you to lift heavy weights and use most or all of your body at once.

    check out×5-beginner-strength-training-program/

    It is so important to get your technique correct, I have been lifting weights for years, but will still occasionally get people to critique mine. To me the rigid routine of stronglifts is good as you always have a goal and know what you need to do.

    I will attempt the traditional scotch eggs first and see how I go from there.


    Eat more at mealtimes.

    That never works for me, regardless of how much I eat at mealtimes, I get the nibbles a couple of hours later
    Better for me to have 5 or 6 smaller meals


    lots of healthy cooking.
    Good point.
    I do feel better on this diet.

    Thanks for that, I’ll give them a look later.


    That was why I watched several vids on YT first, to get an idea for position, technique for deadlift.
    Then I found a quiet time at the gym and just tried it from there.
    Seems to be going OK so far…
    When I can get to the equipment !.

    Pull ups are interesting / challenging too.
    I would like to be able to do more of those.
    Of course, lossing weight will assist with that one.

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    Probably best to eat breakfast too it’s just when I walk to work I have to leave early and it’s a bit of a struggle managing that and leaving on time

    Organisation and getting up earlier 🙂

    Our alarm goes at 6:15. We have two dogs to walk and two kids to get ready and manage cooked breakfasts and packed lunches (and occasionally the evening meal in the slow cooker). I’m away by 8am, and wife and kids by 8:30.

    Has anyone got a link to this iDiet please?

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    Organisation and getting up earlier

    Oh for a long lie until 6.15; luxury. Personally I get up5 hours before I go bed, do a 39 hour a day shift down’t pit, etc… 😉

    Actually alarm goes off at 5.30. Its a 6 mile walk so takes 1.5 hours (each way). By the time I’ve made my lunch, etc., I’m struggling to leave early enough. If i’m just heating up soup then its easier… Today I drove but was e-mail/texting until midnight 😳 and had to dig out my climbing gear this morning for the evening so it was hummous and crudites today (I’ll have the other half at 3 to tide me over until I get back home and cook something for tomorrow at oh 9pm no doubt…).

    It’s a dog’s life really…

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    TSY: don’t you even start… speak to Molgrips, get some coke in yer… :mrgreen:

    metalheart – have you tried getting stuff ready the night before?

    I’ve now got three iDiet convertees at the gym I go to. I don’t tell them what I really eat and their loving the quinoa at the minute.

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    TSY – yes and no. I generally cook in the evening including a main lunch item for the next day. It’s boiling eggs and not hard boiling them, getting them eaten while still soft-ish or frying bacon, etc., its sometimes just not worth the hassle… So I skip. I did get some ace sliced choritzo the other week (bio-verde) which was quick to fry and hit the spot.

    Problem soft boiling eggs or/and bacon etc the night before. Today’s lunch was chick pea/toona salad, don’t like making that up the night before…

    Have you tried microwaved bacon… just put on a plate on some kitchen roll for 3 mins.

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    Lots of iRecipe potential here:

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