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  • ideal bike for bad weather work commute ?
  • Premier Icon Jon Taylor

    ir_bandito to the thread with his Singular Peregrine please.

    Not fast fast but it is weather proof.

    Mudguard, dynamo, discs, hub gear. Only think I’m going to add to mine is a belt drive.


    Currently using my lovely carbon Tarmac and magic wheels.

    I did consider building my own winter bike but it’s cheaper to buy straight off the shelf.
    The must accept mudguards and comfy but fast ride. Friend told to look at the secteur with disc brakes. Alternatives please?

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    I’ve had a couple of those Ribble bikes. Not that comfy tbh but great value.

    I’d look at disc equipped cx machines like tbe Boardman or Arkrose that will take guards and racks. Choose spec according to budget. Bomb proof for commuting, can fit ice tyres if necessary. Did a 150k audax on mine with slick tyres on.

    Fuji Sportif looks interesting as well.

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    Or plenty of Tricross on eBay if you are a Spesh fan. Always fancied tbe old Singlecross as a winter commuter/hack. Wish they brought it back with discs.

    I’ve just built up a charge filter. pretty cheap off ebay.

    Will take cx tyres for the offroad and spikes for ice in winter. Sticking with standard lights as the salt near me destroys hubs and don’t fancy wrecking a dynamo.

    If i didn’t have a big hill to go up i’d be singlespeed with discs for sure.

    Premier Icon amedias

    I ran a single speed Langster through several winters (and summers) worth of road filth and bad weather.

    12,000 miles, one drivetrain, two BBs and one pair of wheels.

    Finally had to build some new wheels as the rims were paper thin and the hubs bearing races were on the way out, drivetrain would have survived a bit longer but replaced it anyway with the wheels.

    I can see the benefit of discs but a few of my (maintenance shy) friends have had problems with stick pistons and seized calipers after a lot of winter filth. I’m not convinced in the long run whether the savings on rim wear are worth it, but the better stopping definitely is so given the choice It’d be SS Disc for me.

    If you must have gears then I suggest something with an Alfine 8, much cheaper than a Rohloff, and more reliable than the gearier alfines.


    There’s a hub geared, hub braked, fully mudguarded up carrera subway in the classifieds for £100 (well, there was last night)

    Seriously tempted


    Bad weather commute bike…?

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