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  • I had a vasectomy yesterday (advice needed)
  • theotherjonv
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    and tbh it’s been a bit of a let down.

    Mild discomfort during injections / procedure but nothing I’d describe as painful. Today, I’ve got a mild nagging ache low down in the abdomen which I’d describe as a bit like when your bladder’s over full – again a mild ache but nothing a decent wee wouldn’t sort out. The incision seems to be drying up and starting to scab over nicely. No bruising to speak of – everything seems TOO good.

    Yet the nurses told me no physical activity for a week, no lifting for a week, no riding for at least 2 weeks and ideally 4…….

    Is there more to come or have I got away lightly?

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    Its a load of bollo…
    Mine went fine, apart from the lack of anesthetic during the opp that was soon overcome with a quick douse.
    Rode the bike down the pub the next day, no probs, but I really wouldn’t do anything to serious for a week or two.
    The worst bit was the taping of the meat to the belly, not nice, but I’m glad he done it 😉

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    Sounds ’bout the same as mine

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    I was up and running within 3 days, 10 miles actually. Storm in a teacup.

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    If its a bit of a letdown could you not get a good mate to give you a good kick in the nads or pick a fight with the asian on the other thread and hope he boots you in the aforementioned. 😉

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    Yet the nurses told me no physical activity for a week

    really ?? I rode my bike to work the next day 🙂

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    “advice needed”

    is it too late to say “don’t” 😉

    ignore sfb he’s not the same as the rest of us – he can ride home carrying his right leg under one arm following a crash but has to drop the leg to put his fingers in his ears if a fire engine goes past.

    the bruisign will become quite spectacular over the next few days, btw.

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    How old are you guys when you had it done? My mate had his in his late 20’s (had two children already)

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    Do your balls hang low
    Can you swing them to and fro
    Can you tie them in a knot
    Can you tie them in a bow
    Do you get a funny feeling
    When your bollocks hit the ceiling

    if not then you are probably okay

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    the bruisign will become quite spectacular over the next few days, btw.

    perhaps it depends on the surgeon ? I don’t recall any bruising, just itching.

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    my plums went purple, but no real pain or owt, just a bit of discomfort. Take it as easy as you can…..these ‘real men’ who ride bikes and shag their wives an hour after the op are bullshitters . 😯

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    these ‘real men’ who ride bikes and shag their wives an hour after the op are bullshitters .

    it was the next day, 14 hours after op 🙂

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    sfb – but I shagged her while you were still being operated on 😉

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    but I shagged her while you were still being operated on

    in the waiting room ?

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    Wait for the bruising to come through, awesome & makes the SO feel guilty 🙂

    TBH I used it as a good excuse to sit on the sofa for a weekend & watch the 6 Nations

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    Did a 25 mile fell race 3 days after my op. Came third, would have won it normally!

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    you are all hard men.
    Which is the least of my intentions today, thanks very much.

    SFB; 14 hours after the op. 😯 -eeuw!
    I was still bleeding at that point!

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    the other side of the story:

    I got done on a friday afternoon, and later that evening, due to lack of pain and an over-whelming curiosity/panic of losing my ‘abilities’, I ‘checked everything was still functioning ok’ if you get my meaning 😳 The rest of the weekend i took it fairly easy although i undertook some light gardening (no, thats not a euphemism). By Tuesday I couldn’t walk across a room due to the excruciating pain: off to the doctors, diagnosis infected bollocks. Anti-biotics and two more days in bed, feeling nauseous with the pain; imagine someone kicking you in the nuts every 20 seconds. Not good.

    So don’t do anything rash!

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    Take it very steady…I googled loads before going for mine and saw some right horror stories…it will hurt a bit more soon when bruising comes out and the itching is a pain. stiches got a bit infected but squeezed pus out (sorry it’s lunchtime) and was ok, I ran a bit after 5/6 days biked after 8 and had no issues…bedroom action a lot sooner!

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    I had mine and it was no worse or elongated that having a tooth pulled – fine after a couple of hrs.

    A mate however was very unlucky as his stitches got septic and really knocked him about, to add insult to injury his test was inconclusive, after a second test found to be still firing live swimmers – had to have it done again

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    24 hours isn’t that long for bruising to show up, tbh.

    I was lucky and had no real pain/bruising etc – thought it was great!

    After a couple of days I/we tested things to make sure everything still worked OK – knocked the scab off.

    It refused to heal up properly for another 3 weeks after that.

    I’d certainly give it two weeks before riding – the complications from misjudging it can be very unpleasant, especially if anything gets infected.

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    Here is a story of pain and suffering

    Had mine done about 16 / 17 years ago

    Not enough anesthetic – so it was hurting a bit – right side
    Thought it’s only 10 minutes I can stand this.

    I had a student in with the doctor – so doctor took his time and explained everything to the student.

    After half an hour of pain – spoke up and said I’ve been able to feel everything.

    They gave me another jab and said they’d do the left side.

    Left sdie no problem 10 mins didn’t feel a thing.

    Back to the right – very tender – another jab

    Doctor goes to make the opening a bit bigger – cuts the students hand …..

    I’m in a lot of pain – feeling a bit crap

    They tilt the table back and stick some oxygen on my nose – while they sort themselves out.

    Back to the right side – start to tilt the table level – the pipe with the oxygen has got stuck and is pulling my nose off – I have the shout and get their attention.

    Back to normal – lots more injections – they carry on – don’t feel much – slight pulling sensation.

    Nurse chats to me – tell her where I work – she says do you know XXX – I say yes – she than tells me about having sex in the back of XXX’s car

    He’s my boss !!!!

    Anyway back home left side feels ok – right side bruising to below my knee and up to my last rib.

    Hurts for a few days

    I kept getting twinges in right side – go to doctors – he say’s sounds like the cut / nip / tuck has trapped a nerve – need to go back and sort it.

    It’s now 2009 and still get an odd twinge – I never went back

    You lucky – lucky b@st@rds

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    2nd test !!!! It took me about 6 & about 10 months & yes I was working at it as hard as possible (so was the misses :-)) …for gods sake dont let her come off the pill etc yet or its back to rubber mac’s bloody horrible things

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