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  • Hope tech levers – Xt 780 non I-spec gear pod conundrum
  • philbert31

    Will these components work together using the shifter mount clamp? I cant for the life of me work out how?

    Unfortunately not without the iSpec adaptor, see here:



    FWIW I found that running the ISPEC adapters and Hope’s matchmaker clamps either put the brake levers too close (for single finger braking) or the shifters too far away.. [slight rant] I wish Hope would make a shorter lever for the Tech Evo master cylinder – it could be 12mm shorter without issue IMO [End of slight rant]

    I’m sure most shifters can be mounted with a little fettling…I’m running 10yr old LXs on my Techs with XT matchmakers…


    You absolutely have to have Ispec mounts 🙁

    FWIW it’s not Hope’s finest – the shifters and the cylinders must be bulkier because the angle differential between the brakes and the shifters is quite marked. Lever comfy shifters too angled upwards. After a while you get used to it and it is neater but unless you’re pushed for space I’d consider passing.

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