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  • mattbibbings

    Big floor tiles are pretty easy to come by on eBay. Lots of colours and easy to fit/clean/ replace. I use them in my camper van.


    I used tiger sheds after them being recommended on here.

    I got a 12mm ship lap frame for around the same as B&Q wanted for 9mm overlap.

    Happy days. Mrs TMS said yes to a new shed for me to set up my own home workshop. I’ve got 8’x6′ to play with and can get power in easily.
    Shed itself will be an off-the shelf stock model (from a local shed company or possibly B&Q – unless anyone has a better solution).
    I will insulate so once its got a small heater & kettle (or whisky stash) I’ll never need to come out…..should please Mrs TMS.
    It will also have Wifi so will be able to watch bike porn without interruption………

    I’m looking to build a work bench and add a shadow board.

    Can anyone advise on the following please.

    Where’s the best place to buy a shadow board? I could make one but fancy the easy of just screwing up on of those ready made peg board type thingys.

    What is the best flooring to put in (for easy of cleaning, non-slip & comfy/warm)?

    Any top workshop build tips. What would you have done differently with your shed or what do you wish you hadn’t done?

    Any advice or opinions gratefully received.



    For better headroom I’d get a pent roof rather than pitched. The other things to look for are solid wood floor and roof, ply or a particleboard are money savings that manufacturers go for to hit certain pricepoints.

    Any independant local shed/fencing supplier can build you a better shed than one from B&Q etal. and most gaurantee against rot for 10 years too.

    For maximum plushness, insulate and line with ply and paint a light colour. Remember additional flooring and ceiling will eat into your headroom so check the dimensions.

    You’ll love it.


    Ply is fine for floor and roof – if its of decent thickness 18mm +

    Its the 8-10mm crap that the sheds stick on the sheds that gives ply a bad rep

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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