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  • Rorschach

    Seat height (too low?)
    Cleat position (unlikely)
    Insoles (I have the flattest feet in the world and have to have custom insoles).
    See a physio (possible muscle imbalance).
    3 knee ops,not much meniscus or acl and a lot of mileage means I have to be careful.

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    See if your local friendly bike shop selling Look kit will let you have a test-ride, a bit more float may help.

    Bike fitting session, some will do just the pedalling position but I don’t recall who. I use egg-beaters for just this reason and I put up with the maintenance requirements. You may also want to keep wearing three-quarter length shorts to keep your knees warm (it works for Brad and Team Sky) until the temperature is a lot higher.


    Can you be more specific about the knee pain=?


    Have you changed anything recently?
    google ‘easter knee’


    You say all your bikes…

    I use cb pedals on all my boss but when I started riding a lot more MTB I found my knees hurt on the road bike. Same shoes and everything.

    It seems my legs were used to the seat position of my MTB. Advice seemed to be pick the bike you use most and setup your other bikes to mimic the angles.


    It actually feels right on the end of my knee. Same bikes, and seat height is high enough.

    One thing I’m doing is putting in more miles than I usually do (but not alot in the grand scheme of things..only about 50 miles a week) but they are quite hard miles, including some fairly intensive sufferfest sessions where i’m cranking a fairly high resistance.


    Last couple of rides I’ve been out on my knees have begun to hurt after about 15 miles. Usually takes a couple of days to recover. I’m currently using Shimano SPDs on all my bikes, have done for about 18 months now but the problem has only just started in the last few months.

    Do I need to get new pedals, or is it just a case of tinkering with cleat position? I’m going to try the latter, but don’t have any real idea of whats a ‘good’ cleat position. Any suggestions would be much appreciated as I’m currently trying to ramp up the training and this is threatening to derail that somewhat.


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    Go & see a physio. May be more than just pedal position.


    I beggared my knee up aft a cleat came slightly loose and went off centre, that was 10 weeks ago and it’s still not right, if you have more than 1 pair of shoes check the cleat position looks the same on both….

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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