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  • Premier Icon Mad Pierre

    I don’t mind spending a bit but I do want them to work reliably

    Simple then. Sell those wheels and buy some with UST rims and some UST tyres. Sorted. No other stuff required (sealant optional).


    By a bit I meant like up to the value of tubelss bits and bobs and if needs must new tyres, not a set of new wheels.

    At the minute I want to give it a go as it were but full UST is to spendy for me. If I move on from this it will be to Flows and tubeless ready tyres.

    Premier Icon johnnystorm

    I’ve got away with using roval/stans type tape, a superstar valve and then some 99p double sided foam tape (with the backing left on) to fill in the central gutter on awkward rims.


    you can use quite a few different options for the tape.
    some riders use gorrilla tape, some use installation tape. i used superstars rim tape and i also got the valves off superstar as they were the cheapest i found. buy a bottle of stans and away you go. those starter kits are exspensive. alot cheaper to buy the items separate.


    Thanks Twang,

    That looks good, two sizes of strip 17-19mm and 19-25mm which would be right for my rims?

    I thought the 719 of the rim was the measurement of the width but having just checked the Mavic website this doesn’t seem to follow exactly!


    I have some wheels I am interested in making tubeless if that is possible.

    Front: Mavic XM719 with folding Conti Rubber Queen BC 2.2
    Rear: Mavic XC317 with folding Maxxis Crossmark 2.25

    I don’t mind spending a bit but I do want them to work reliably, I don’t like the look of the ghetto method as it seems to involve a layer of innertube between the tyre and rim interface which isn’t there at the moment so I am thinking rim strips are the best way.

    Can anyone recommend which ones to go for and in which sizes and what other bits I need (I think it is just latex solution) or do I need new tyres immediately?

    I realise the luxury option is a new set of Hope Hoops with Flow rims but I would like to give it a go this way if I can to see if I like the benefits (or firstly if I can tell the difference).

    Premier Icon oxym0r0n

    some riders use gorrilla tape

    Is this essentially gaffer tape or something different – heard this mentioned when tublessing Rabbit Hole rims…


    I thought the 719 of the rim was the measurement of the width

    Yep 19mm internal so the 17mm – 19mm should be ok – especially as you dont want the ghetto overhang 😉


    Just bought those two twang linked as well.

    Now off to tyre browse….


    I did my first tubeless conversion last week. DT Swiss rims with Specialized tyres, one 2bliss ready, the other not. One needed a couple of patches to cuts. I used a couple of turns of electrical tape on the rims, and valves cut out of old tubes. The only cost was a bottle of Stan’s fluid. With the help of some soapy water both tyres inflated with a track pump, and have not gone down yet.
    It’s hard to explain just how smug you feel the first time you get a tyre to inflate without a tube, and i like the extra grip that low pressures give you.
    My advice – get some fluid and give it a go.


    Exactly the same as Skeetsgb and I have Mavic xm719’s.
    Needed to get local bike shop to use the compressor to get them to inflate.

    You don’t need to spend much to go tubeless hs125 has got it right. Although I would actually buy the valves. Insulation tape 3 times round and a bit of stan’s in there. Fairy liquid and track pump- boombadabing.


    Just a thought (as I have no idea) but will those tyres go up tubeless?


    Get proper tubless tyres. Big difference to ghettoed tubed tyres.

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