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  • Help me decide which of two specific cars to buy (BMW content)
  • samuelr
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    Until a couple of months ago I had a e91 330d.
    Good car, lat of the BMW, BMWs if you know what I mean. They have progressively got less BMW as time goes on. (I have a g20 3 series now). More dull and inert, plus uglier.

    The M-sport trim is the one to go for. The seats are better. You want the pro nav and cic iDrive, xenons are a must. The halogen lights are like candles in a black hole.
    Mine was black with oyster leather. Really lifts the interior, the black leather makes it dark and gloomy.

    I’d personally avoid 4 cyl bmw. At the age they are now service history and condition tump everything else. A LOT of them are total dogs and will be costly to run.

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    it won’t have M Sport suspension and low profile run-flat tyres that on BMW seem to be made of wood.

    Hell yes! I had to pick up a BMW from a young-ish chap in Bristol a while back, it was one of the sportier versions but I can’t remember what, but it had the sports suspension and low-profile run-flats. I asked him why he was getting rid of it, and he said it had been a big disappointment and he hated driving it, it was noisy and uncomfortable, and he was replacing it with a Mercedes, which I’d driven a similar model to earlier that day, and which I’d enjoyed.
    I’d barely got a couple of hundred yards along the road and I’d discovered what he meant. The suspension was far too firm for the state of the roads, and along with the run-flat tires it crashed and banged and tyre noise completely drowned out the radio at anything other than stupid volumes.

    I’ve never been a fan of BMW cars, although a few I drove were OK, but that one was an abomination!

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    Don’t know a massive amount about them but the 4 cylinder engines always seemed to have a bad reputation. Unless London has different standards too, the newer 6 cylinder engines are ULEZ compliant (mine was), and I’m only talking a couple of years newer.

    Personally I’m not sure I would buy an older BMW again. Great cars but probably the least reliable I’ve owned. Had a love/hate relationship with mine.

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    My 2006 E91 330i is ULEZ compliant 🤣

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    Well I asked a question, and I listened to your answers, and yesterday I bought a 2010 (E92) 330i M Sport. Fingers crossed it doesn’t throw up too many gremlins.

    Thanks for your help.

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