having a mad moment reliving the early 90s and disco biscuits !

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  • having a mad moment reliving the early 90s and disco biscuits !
  • piemonster

    Terrifying geezer, I take heart in knowing you’re older than me


    hehe…i get the same effect.
    awesome init


    Sitting at home reliving my youth listening to some old renaissance albums full blast(on the cans) and having mini rushes just like I was on a disco biscuit from the old days ! WTF

    I loved being around in the early 90s and living in London, now Im 40 sitting at home with kids…where did the time go !

    Yeah, done that trick myself too 😀


    Still go out, but just avoid the young scrotes! We’ll be having a big one all day on the sunday of the late bank holiday in may three days before I’m 38! Probably only go out 5/6 times a year on days/nights like that now which usually makes them more memorable..


    I sometimes get trails off the shiny bit of the iron when I move it across the ironing board 😐

    Premier Icon dannybgoode

    The first Renaissance album is one of the very best mix albums of all time – ’twas the album that converted me from Indie to dance.

    The hairs on the back of my head still go up when I hear it and yes – it takes me back to the days of long weekends etc.

    Was more of a Rise person myself (living in Sheffield) and Diggers was resident there for a time. Always played a good ‘un.

    I still take the occasional trip to the dance floor and there’s plenty of good free parties around the Sheffield area (my mates own a sound system so always get to find out about them).


    Danny B

    Premier Icon teethgrinder

    I agree about the first Renaissance album. I was gutted when my car was broken into and that was all that was TWOC’d.

    Premier Icon somafunk

    You’re not too old, I’m 41 and still partial to a touch of Sasha Shulgin’s finest creation, we’ve secured a good line up for our dance tents at this years wickerman festival so roll on July, last year we booked Darren Emerson as a headliner and he didn’t disappoint, previous year we had Utah Saints who were ace and i can comfortably say we’ve trumped both for this years headliner but as the details haven’t been released i’m keeping shtum!.

    Whoop-Whoop! 😀

    Premier Icon tomaso

    My new van has a quaint tape deck and I’ve dug out some dodgy old rave tapes and I’ve been getting carried away with noise, beats, breaks, bass, bleaps… The main advantage has been that the wife really wants me to buy a new car stereo with a CD/ipod to banish the dodgy rave tapes!

    toby mc

    DannyB – a soundsystem? in Sheffield? are the mighty Smokescreen still going? I used to love a bit of deep house in a forest me….
    A lesson in how to lose a weekend!


    Big shout out for the old happy hardcore nights, bass place,birmingham massive.Topbuzz, Dj ss, hahaha those were the days.what the **** is all this dubstep shite?…


    TDK SA90’s! You have taste surr.


    As all above for me too! Wicker man fest sounds very tempting, especially to trump Utah Saints and Darren Emerson.

    Was in a similar place of placebo myself last night listening to Harry Choo Choo Romero’s Subliminal Sessions….. Whoop whoop indeed!

    6apb apparently… 😀

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