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  • Have Deer gone urban now like the Fox?
  • The Doog,

    Fellow Calderdale resident here (Rastrick).

    There have always been wild deer round here, that's how Hartshead Moor got it's name.

    The deer at the deer park are Red Deer I believe which live in herds, the one you saw was likely a Roe deer, which travel alone or in a breeding pair.

    If you get up early and know where to go then you can spot deer round Halifax every day.

    There's a breeding pair that regularly produce a fawn that spend most of their time wandering alongside the M62 and Ainley Bypass. They often sleep through the day in the thicket next to the Calor Gas depot.

    There was a story in the Courier recently saying that deer were now regularly seen near the roundabout on Burdoch Way, probably some attractive food source has attracted them.

    The Doog

    Was pedalling to work yesterday morning and i startled a Deer that was just mooching around the side of the road i obviously startled it and it started running off down the road and down someones driveway. I just thought it was a bit odd given the area (Skircoat area of Halifax for those who know Calderdale) i know theres a Deer farm a few miles away and it could have escaped but its come a few miles across some busy roads if it has.


    In recent weeks we have seen them at Ogden nr the end of the BW at the resevoir end.

    Buck Woods at Thackley (these were a stones throw from houses but still in the woods)
    Dawson Woods.

    Last year Cottingley Woods twice and a 3 point stag at the side of the Keighley bypass (Cottingley end).

    Seems to me they are everywhere although i still get the same thrill everytime i see one, mmm, food! 😉


    I don't see many deer around Hertfordshire at this time of year, more so in the winter. Lots of money round here so maybe there larging it in Ibiza for the season.

    My 8 month old was asleep in her bedroom and a Deer snook in went upstairs and nibbled her ear and fingers.

    It wasn't the dog honest as he was outside in his kennel. I now keep all my doors and windows shut.


    We have a load of Muntjac and Roe deer wandering loose outside our house on the grassy area. To be fair, we do live near a lot of fields and woodland, but they come right into the gardens and it's only a matter of time before our cherry tree get eaten.

    A shame really, because deer are very tasty and we can do nothing about them.


    Is it illegal to kill a deer for trespassing?


    Saw a deer trotting along the pavement here in Bournemouth nr my house last Xmas eve. Didn't seem that odd as it used to be all fields round here years ago before the houses went up but it did occur to me after that the only way it could have got to where it was from the river/ nature reserve would have been to use the subway. Which would have been a strange sight.

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    There are deer living in the Valley at the back of my house, suburban estate.

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    Zoolander – Member

    Saw a deer trotting along the pavement here in Bournemouth nr my house last Xmas eve.

    Did it have a red nose?


    All those lovely tasty roses and flowers to munch through, relatively undisturbed patches of roadside vegetation and nature reserves – what's not to love for the deer? Only problem is lots of dogs, and lots of cars 🙁

    There's also no doubt that the UK deer population is growing, especially prolific breeders like Muntjac (Chinese Water deer are actually even more prolific, but susceptible to cold weather, so last winter knocked them back a lot)

    Its also the time of year where you'll see a lot about, the young Roe bucks are getting turfed out and looking for their own territory, Roe rut is fast approaching, its all happening now (lots of fox cubs getting out at the moment too, which is why we're seeing such bold foxy behaviour everywhere)

    Having spent many years watching deer, I don't think there's an animal more fascinating, or for that matter more tasty!

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    Buck Woods at Thackley

    Last year Cottingley Woods twice and

    I see some quite regularly from the train going into Leeds. They seem to live near Kirkstall abbey. I've also seen them a bit closer in near the golf course/cinema.


    London is a good place to see Peregrine Falcons… though i've seen one for real apart from on TV.


    yep, very noticeable change from my youth (*and my environment – ie very little shooting in S England), even seen deer living in city centre cemetry, growing numbers, no natural predators, no bad experiences with humans (*generally speaking)

    They used to scarper the instant they saw you, now they'll take a look and decide, often continuing to eat, see them pretty regularly when doing my local route.

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