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    I record a lot of my rides on either a Garmin or using my phone. This creates a GPS track which I can convert to a route if I need to.

    I’ve been looking around for an app or bit of software that will allow me to import the GPX and edit the way points.

    Also I’d like to be able to chop sections out of a route (or track) and save them as seperate GPX files. Let’s say I want to chop 2 miles out of a 30 mile ride, I want to be able to view or share just those 2 miles as a seperate entity from the rest of the ride.

    In my head, I’ve got a map on one side and a list of waypoints on the other. Clicking on a waypoint drops a pin on the map that ties in with the line marking the route on the map. Clicking on the line shown on the map highlights the corresponding waypoint in the list. I’d like to able to choose multiple way points from the list and import them into a seperate map which I can then save as a GPX (route or track, doesn’t really matter).

    Ideally, something that displays OS maps although it’s not a deal breaker. It’s not something I’ll be using a lot so as close to being free as possible. I don’t mind shelling out for an app if it does everything I need but I don’t really want to be locked into a subscription for something I’ll only use a couple of times.

    I know technically I can import the GPX into Excel as a CSV and edit it that way but it’s not ideal. I’d like some visual clues as to what the watpoints refer to. (Unless theres a fancy way of viewing a map within excel?)

    Is the answer Garmin Basecamp? Are there any alternatives that run on android? The only Windows based device that I have access to is my work laptop. There’s nothing stopping me using it for personal stuff but I’d prefer not to rely on it and, don’t really want to have to cart a laptop around with me if I can avoid it.

    I’ve tried a few apps from Play store but haven’t found anything that easily let’s me do what I want. There are a few that might, but looking at them from behind a paywall doesn’t really tell me if it’s worth paying for.

    So… Moon on a stick? Or am I describing Basecamp…?


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    Have a look at not an app, but a website and does the gpx splitting you are after

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    You’re certainly describing Basecamp. I’m not sure how much longer it’ll continue to function/be available as Garmin haven’t done anything with it for years.

    There is definitely a bit of a learning curve with it, but it’s free so worth trying at least.

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    MemoryMap fits the bill, pc and android apps that you can sync across the cloud. oS subscription good value but not free.

    Could take a look at fatmap with your Strava subscription

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    Another vote for gpx studio. Used it this week to trim a route by drawing a rectangle then delete waypoints within the rectangle.

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    Is the answer Garmin Basecamp?

    IMO, yes.

    But you also need to waste a significant chunk of you life learning how to get it to do what you want, and then re-learning it months later when you come back to it having forgotten. It’s not intuitive software but it is pretty good for editing/splicing/chopping up GPX files.

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    I have “edited” gpx files using the standard Microsoft Notepad. Obviously very contrived but not rocket science to change any parameter like co-ordinates and time. Was years ago though so no idea if MS10/11 even have a text editor anymore.

    EDIT. Just checked and it still works in MS10 Notepad

    EDIT 2. Just reread your OP. For doing what you waht in a WISWIG environemnt I still just use an old version of Memory Map on the PC. Simply click on a pint and split track or join track and then delelte or save bits and bobs as new GOPX files. Can simply draw new sections into the track too. Then if you want convert it all to a route at the end that can be transfered to a garmin.

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    Memory Map

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    Memory map seems to have the basic functionality that I wanted to thanks for the suggestions.

    The way I’ve managed to chop up a route is a bit laborious but it works.

    Load the route.  Shows as ‘route’ in the overlay menu.

    Tap on the line at the start of the bit I want to chop.

    Choose ‘split after’

    This creates ‘route – split’ in overlays.

    Then go back to the route and tap the line at the end of the bit I want to split.

    This creates ‘route – split – split’.

    I can the delete ‘route’ and ‘route – split split’ to be left with just ‘route split’.

    Route – split is the bit I want which I can save as it’s own GPX!


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     Can simply draw new sections into the track too.

    Haven’t figured this bit out yet. I’m on android though so maybe just a PC thing?

    I’ve also been playing around with the OSMand app which seems to have a few more features.  Bit more of a learning curve so haven’t quite got it figured out yet but it looks promising.

    I’ll have a look at this evening too. I do still want to try Base camp but sounds like I’ll need a bit time to get into it!

    Full Member has got lots of useful gpx editing tools.

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    Basecamp will do what you want (I don’t think it’s that hard to use). You can download OSM based mapping that will work with it very well from:

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