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  • Government Changes Policy on Rights of Way: The Deadline is Back
  • stwhannah
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    Having previously announced that the 2026 deadline for registering historic rights of way would be removed, the Department for Environment and Rural A …

    By stwhannah

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    Government Changes Policy on Rights of Way: The Deadline is Back

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    Shambolic, as we’d expect. Did Thérèse get an overnight phone call from the landowners’ lobby?

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    The CLA statement is nonsense – it was the deadline that triggered a massive push by the BHF and Cycling UK to get upgrade applications submitted before rights of way were lost. And there was a backlog well before that – here in Calderdale there are applications going back to the 1990s that are still under consideration or “not yet investigated”.

    As for “agree[ing] appropriate modifications directly with landowners”, does that sound a bit cosy to anyone else?




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    Deadline or not 1000s of trails will be lost. I contacted North Somerset council last year after Forest England closed a trail with no notice that was used by walkers, bike and horses for decades. After they sent me a link to a 40 page document outlining the process it was evident no individual could ever do this. However a landowner can close down / move an historic right of way anytime with no deadline.


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    It would be interesting to know where the other parties stand on this.

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    Time for rioting, burning down buildings and liberal guillotine use to the heads of the Bourgeoisie, just like the French did (and still do for 2 of those 3).

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    I honestly can’t work up the energy to be angry at the shit this government pulls anymore. Legality of access has made zero difference to where I choose to ride and pretty much always will anyway. If landowners are so shortsighted that they think these sorts of regressive cut-off tactics will make a difference to how people like me access the countryside that we all live in, then they deserve all the hassle that not sorting it brings them. Idiots.

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    I agree with Nickc. After watching the tory party debase values and ethics, if challenged whilst riding I’ve gone from saying I’m sorry to I don’t care. This it what happens when people like Boris get in power.

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    Maybe lobby the shadow minister. They’re more likely to make the final decision on this.

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    Labour have a clear position on opening up access around this agenda, sit tight and lets see what comes in with the next election. Hopefully this will be a short term win for a few privileged land owners.

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    Arise citizens, raise your battalions…

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