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  • wisepranker

    I’m thinking about going tubeless when I replace the tyres on my Stumpy but I’m not really sure what I need.

    I’ve got some Hope Hoops with Stans Flow rims and a pair of valves that came with the Stumpy. Should the tape that came in the rims be ok to use or do I need some specific tubeless tape? Also, is sealant required or can I do without?

    If I need these bits, am I just as well off getting a no-tubes kit and doing it that way?

    you need yellow tape, valves and sealant. Not sure if the valves of the stumpy would work with the Stans rims

    Premier Icon thepurist

    If the wheels have got the yellow stans tape in they’ll be fine. If not you need some yellow stans rim tape to replace whatever’s in there. Plus tubeless valves to fit (maybe your Stumpy ones?)

    You’ll need a bit of sealant in there too but that’s it. No need to go for a full no tubes kit.

    If the tape’s OK you should be able to just pop one side of the tyre bead off, take the tube out, stick the tubeless valve in, slap in a dollop of sealant then pump em back up (with indeterminate interval for swearing).


    Perfect, it sounds easier than I thought…..except for the sealing the bead which sounds like a bit of a pain!

    I’m probably going to be using Schwalbe Nobby Nic and Racing Ralph Evo folding tyres, should these be ok?


    STENDEC do a tubeless fluid that is much better than stan’s and seals quicker and bigger holes


    It IS easy, make sure you get the correct width yellow tape for flows.
    Clean the inside of the rims with a brush so there’s no crap in the seat.
    Put valves in.
    Washing up liquid with a bit of water and scrub it into the rims and edge of the tyres.
    Pump them up, I have a high volume track pump which has worked on many occasions. Tighten the valves up again.
    Leave them for a good while (overnight) to let the tyres seat fully into the rims, they will ping in.
    Release one side of the tyre and pour in the fluid.
    They should pump straight back up.
    I’ve always had UST tyres but I understand that others have had success with non UST.
    I have no idea if this is the correct method but it’s worked for me on stand and mavic rims of varying states.

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