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  • Glentress advice please
  • Mugboo
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    We’re off up next weekend. What is your favourite combination of loops/favourite sections.

    Do we do Black till Spooky Descent/repeat descent then back up to finish the Black.



    Which descents are the best/which hills to avoid?

    Whichever we choose we will be finishing with a bit of the freeride park and Electric Blue.

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    Black to almost the end then when you get to the fire road climb back up for spooky wood, do first two parts of spooky then fire road back for the blue.
    Go early if its a saturday morning, it was very busy this week and some users lacking in any social skills.

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    There was a lengthy thread on this very subject last week that is worth reading. Search on “Glentress” and you should get it….

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    It was me asking last week. I’ve rephrased it a little as its all a bit contradictary. Plus i’ve realised that everybody’s idea of a good ride is very different.

    Using the trail centres as an example (yes i also love natural stuff, possibly more) I love the flowy nature of Kirra, some may not like the lack of big downhills.

    I love the big slightly knackered downhills at Ae plus the finish but some will hate its rather eroded surface and surely most hate fire road climbs..

    I love the overall feel of Dalbeattie as it has lots of variation and some techy stuff to play on.

    I love Stainburn for its challenges (which i have yet to complete), but when i am there on dig days i see plenty of people who look confused (some even close to tears!) as they find themselves too scared to ride anything..

    And i thought Whites Level was close to perfection.

    On my only trip to Gt i have ridden the Red and other than Spooky Woods/Freeride and the last section to the bottom car park i found it a little dissapointing.

    Considering all this (if you can be arsed..) which combination?

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    Sorry Mug, I’m posting on both threads – but as they are yours…

    Two options I think:

    1. Black up the the mast (I think this is a must), divert to red to catch the top of Spooky. Don’t do the pie run, it’s just been resurfaced and a bit dull. Almost no fireroad at all on this combination. About two hours.

    2. Full Black. About 2 hours 30m. I was pretty knackered at the end the last time I did it at this time of year. HATED Redemption.

    EDIT: I haven’t done Whites Level for a few years – but it’s much more like GT black than red, IIRC.

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    Cheers iamtheresurrection.

    I am know thinking maybe Inners as i’ve never been there, then bob over to Gt for a play in the Park..

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