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  • Premier Icon Simon

    Montane Featherlite gilet? Will pack down really small. I’ve got a the jacket version and I can fit that in the pocket of my jeans/short no problem.

    Polaris do good ones. Got a racelite which packs down small, mesh back and keeps the wind off your chest


    My assos sV.blitzfeder gilet is the best ive ever had- fit,windproof,breathable,pack size etc.However they aren’t cheap.

    Montane here, too. Very good piece of kit.


    Gore Countdown AS here, very pleased with it.

    Premier Icon RicB

    My Polaris gillet is awful; about as breatheable as a bin bag and feels very plasticy.

    I have an old Endura one with a mesh back that’s much better.

    Premier Icon RicB

    How breatheable is Gore AS in real life?

    I’ve found all the super breatheable waterproof fabrics to be generally rubbish (esp gore-tex, Paramo not too bad but v. hot and bulky)


    Endura Lazer (probably the one Ric refers to). Does everything a basic gilet should, and well, and packs down to about the size of an orange.

    Premier Icon zippykona

    Bought one from lidl in the spring and on mornings like today its been perfect. On the way home if I don’t wear it, its going to be difficult to squeeze into my bag.
    So I need the worlds best gilet that rolls up into nothing please.
    It doesn’t need any kind of waterproofing.

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    Endura laser here too, 5 years old now, replaced zip bit otherwise intact, fold/rolls up to nowt and fits easy in a jersey pocket


    will it shove under your seat?

    If so do that and spend the money on beer and junk-food 🙂

    Can’t fault those Lidl Gilets!


    I’m using one of these…

    used plenty, washed plenty… nice fit on me anyway, and good value, rolls up into little pocket on the back. Not so sure on the ‘showerproof’ claim, would probably keep out misty drizzle for a short while….

    Premier Icon easygirl

    These are great and withe the code sos20
    You get 20% off

    ive literally just bought a altura etape gilet – its in my hands as we speak 🙂

    its really really lightweight, its classed as windproof (which was all im after) but its actually under the tap test beading water, so guessing its showeproof too

    it has a full mesh back, and the cut is more MTB specific in my eyes, as it doesnt have a long tail at the back….

    i think its quite a good shout at £30, i usually go with gore but cant see the point in paying double and then some for virtually something the same (the gore looks better and slightly lighter)

    i had the choice of the altura etape or endura lazer

    the lazer put me off as the collar is very high, would annoy me being upto my chin all the time rubbing, also the tail is very long and flappy, the mesh back wasnt quite as much meshing as the altura one either…

    dunno how the altura performs but i expect given the good reviews on wiggle it will take the windchill away, which is what i want it for!

    Premier Icon iainc

    another vote for the Gore one here, works a treat, folds tiny


    tenn on ebay16.99 for a pertex like gilet that goes tiny in your pocket. I have a black and a blue, they are ruddy excellent.
    For the next level up I bought a surface pertex jacket from triton cycles. Also ruddy excellent.

    Premier Icon PMK2060

    I bought a brand new factory seconds ‘Montane Slipsteam’ from ebay a few weeks ago for £9. Packs really small.


    If you cant get a Lidl gilet into your bag, perhaps its time for a new bag.


    +1 Montane

    I love my Montane kit, it does the job and it goes every where with me.


    Just wrap a couple of velcro straps round it and tie to the frame or bars.



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