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  • Fox DOSS dropper post – £350!!!
  • xcentric
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    Loco, how much for your reverbs then? email me if required by forum rules (in profile)

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    “Are they having a laugh? £100 more expensive that the Reverb… “
    “I wonder how they are going to justify the price gap”
    They already do this with their forks?
    Price yourself above everybody else, then your product must be better ..

    Dear oh dear that mudguard ..
    “if you were to take just 10mm off the front of the guard it would be 50% less efficient”
    But you might be able to see where your front wheel is, rather than a fat peice of plastic
    The Fox advert singletrack mag (pg41, issue 71) has a pick of fabien riding with the (or a similar) mudguard. Oh and the ground looks pretty dry

    Also, they’ve mounted it under the fork crown? Thereby reducing the room for mud/clag/leaves/sticks/2.3″ conti mud tyres/etc to get through?

    “What the hell? cable up the side of the post? so right where my thighs are”

    Oh and that lever, looking at it, it doesn’t look like you can mount it under the bars at all?
    So if you need/want to turn the bike upside down it’ll sit on that lever, risking breaking it, same goes for if you fall off your bike
    How much for a replacement lever? ..

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    But is it 27.2mm? That might rustle up some business…

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    The have put a premium price, ‘cos people are willing to pay it for ‘good quality products’.

    I once worked for an ISP who had 2 different ‘products’ – Home Basic ADSL (£20/month) and Business Premium ADSL (£45/month).

    Both products were IDENTICAL apart from the name and price.

    Guess which one was the most popular (by a shockingly big margin)? It wasn’t the cheaper one – all because of the name.

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    Totally Laughable!

    125mm cable actuated Dropper post you say?

    Funnily enough SDH forget to mention the one they reviewed 3 days earlier which works out £115 cheaper (Assuming you’re enough of a mug to pay list prices) and it isn’t designed to stab the user in the groin with a bit of cable…

    And £60 for a cobbled together mess of a fender??!!? Has the world gone effin bonkers?
    For that sort of price I’d expect it to at least look like a finished product not a bit of old angle bolted on to a glued together collection of old milk bottles and guttering…

    Have MOJO/Fox not noticed the recession?


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    I’ve had a couple of different brand of dropper post, none of them reliable, but then again i’m yet to try a reverb. I think they are incredibly useful things, but, £350 is way too much for me, they’re just not worth that much. I’m still umming and ahhh’ing over a reverb at £200! Plus, I have to say the Fox version doesn’t look good, and as someone else has said abouve the cable position could certainly be in a better position. Considering how long this has been in development, that’s a bit poor

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    …….psssssh – only 10% of the “stw half decent watch” price :lol:

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