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  • Formula Selva C Fork review
  • Ben_Haworth
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    This is a 170mm travel Formula Selva C (coil) fork. I went with the 170mm version because Formula forks have shorter axle-to-crown lengths.

    By ben_haworth

    Get the full story here:

    Formula Selva C Fork review

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    Did you weigh them?

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    What’s the squirrel text about?

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    I like the gold on my Selva R (air), I don’t like the blue as it has less support for pumping and cornering, gives my hands a beating on anything rough, and almost collapsed me into the bike once on a big jump.

    Probably going to stick with gold for fast fun riding on bike trails. Any thoughts on silver vs. violet? In particular for rocky bridleway exploring Lakes/Dales type, where it’s rougher so comfort needed but a riding style more focused on self-preservation than the “send it” style one might adopt at a trail centre.

    Valve descriptions here if anyone’s interested

    Oh and the 160mm brake mount is worth a mention, although the max rotor is 220mm and they do make an adapter.

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    I’ve been running the Selva Cs for a couple of years now, I did the conversion from the Selva Rs and I couldn’t be happier with them. They’re hands down the best forks I’ve ever tried. The level of grip and sensitivity is absolutely insane. Honestly the only way I’d ever upgrade my forks was if they did their new Belva Enduro dual crown as a coil version.

    I’m luckily pretty much spot on weight wise for the medium spring (80kg) and I’ve only ever tried the gold CTS. Would be curious to try others but as you said, the gold is an amazing all rounder.

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    Good review.

    Just got a Z1 Coil myself and it’s amazing. It’s reminded me of what I used to know, that coil forks are just better.

    It’s funny how there’s so much interest – and more options – in coil rear shocks (which can be great), but it’s such slim pickings in coil forks, which bring a bigger benefit IMO.

    There is also the Helm coil BTW, which I also own – but somehow it doesn’t feel as coil-y as the Z1.

    I expect there’ll be a coil version of the new Marz Super Z soon-ish though.

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    I’ve had a few rides on mine after moving from an MRP Ribbon Coil. So far so good, they are very supple in the first half of the travel which does make them ramp more than I am used to. I added a fair amount of compression damping after the first ride having started nearly open.

    I liked my MRPs but the compression damping was just too high off the top, even though I ran it fully open. This was tried with both light & med springs (which made little difference). They were great on fast rocky sections as they never packed down, but didn’t give the carpet ride like benefits that coils can on other stuff.

    Before that I had Marz 350 NCR Ti coils and I’d say the Selva’s are definitely the most supple of the 3. The adjustability on offer is a big bonus, and will mean I am able to set them up in a way neither of the others could be without custom tuning.

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    @joebristol 2,288g (with steerer cut to 190mm ish)

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    Would be interesting to compare to one of the big two options with a Samshpot

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    “Would be interesting to compare to one of the big two options with a Samshpot”

    Yeah, there aren’t many reviews of that as a product anyway.

    Not that I can stomach spending £350 just to upgrade an air fork when my Z1 only cost me £430.

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    Wow, they really are the same price in GB?

    here in the US the Z1 is $650 and the Selva is $1125, nearly double.

    After all, the whole point of Marzochi is to be Fox’ pricep0int line.

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