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  • **** sky customer service
  • renton
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    if one more person at sky cuts me off after been on hold for 10 mins i am going up to scotland and as i havent got any bombers im going to own the with my revelations!!!!!! the ****

    seriously though has anyone got a good number or email addy to complain to??

    i got introduced as a friend in october and was told i would recieve my £50 m&s vouchers shortly after.

    cue numerous phonecalls to find out where they are to be told , oh sorry sir can take up to 30days , then 60days the bloody 90 days!!! wtf

    so i phone monday and get to speak to a helpful english person who has the noggin to look a bit deeper into it to find out that they had used my previous account number rather than my new one??

    so she sorts it out and says that someone from sky will phone me withn 72 hours to let me know whats going on ,suprise suprise no one does.

    so i phone up tonight and get passed from pillar to post try this number sir blah chuffing blah and the last person cut me off after 10 mins so im none the wiser!!!!!


    ive tried the various email addys and i dont get replys and the customer service is ****.

    what can i do??



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    if they’re in breach of whatever they promised you, you could always try to cancel the contract ??

    if you google, I think there’s an email address – one of murdoch’s sons probably – that gets escalated to a “sort it out” team. They might just decide to execute you though

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    I was unaware that Sky offered any customer service.

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    I’ve never had a problem with Sky – always got through and they’ve always been helpful!

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    Snap! Always been excellent.

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    Same here, couple of niggling probs with broadband, but seem promt and polite, and got it sorted.
    As long as they are not as bad as Virgin……………

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    Write letters. That way it cost you a stam, and them more effort / onus to do something.

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    have you had a look on

    I found a number on there for a UK broadband helpline as all the tech stuff seems to be in delhi or something and I kept getting the line ‘we do not support wireless broadband’ WHY DID YOU GIVE ME A WIRELESS ROUTER THEN YOU TWUNT…….and relax

    anyway, maybe worth a look?

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    Never had a problem…well I did but they refunded my money for the time the broadband was off, a pleasure after the nightmare that was BT

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    Ring up get their name, preferably a supervisor then tell them you have a relation who is a personal friend of Jeremy Darroch ( he’s the chief exec), they watch Newcastle United together ( apparently he is a big fan) and you are going to get his personal number and ring him up to complain mentioning their name. I did this it really worked and my problem was solved very quickly.

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    Send an email to

    He obviously wont answer, but some department does when it’s a complaint and they handle it pretty quickly and effectively.

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