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  • Fast-Up damper upgrade
  • dirkpitt74
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    Looking to upgrade the damper on my RockShox Revelations.

    I had the Charger 2.1 on my previous Yari’s which was great, but can’t find a decent deal on an RC2 for the Revs.

    Thinking that I might give the Fast Up a go – seems a lot easier to fit too.

    Looks to be £230 from TF Tuned, or 175 euro direct from Fast (sale price…)

    Am I going to get shafted if I order direct from Fast and end up paying more than if I got from TF Tuned?

    Also, any used this damper in the Revs?

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    I’ve not used it, but one of my riding buddies has it in his revs and seems to think it works quite well, he’s a hnady rider and has had various other cartridge pgrades like the MRP’s – that’s about all i can say.  The system seems very similar to Formula’ s CTS kit which is bagged up with the Selva’s.

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    I’ve got one in a set of Revs. Had it for a few years now and it’s a million times better that the RC damper that it replaced. It’s fitted to an Orange Crush with the fork set at 150mm

    Damping wise, it feels just about as good as the Charger I had in some Pikes.

    There’s a huge range of adjustment which is good and bad at the same time. Something like 28 clicks on the low and mid speed compression dials. This does mean that you end up having to wind it in 4-6 clicks before you (…I) notice any difference. 

    Once you’ve got it set so the damping is in the right ball park, it can be quite a subtle difference when making adjustments. For me, they’re not immediately noticeable but it’ll be the feeling in my hands after a rough descent or my shoulders at the end of ride that will tell me whether I’m too soft or too hard (fnar…)

    The low speed does give a decent amount of support once you’ve fiddled with enough and found the right setting. This is good because it means you can drop the pressure slightly and use the damping rather that just relying on the air spring for support. 

    The mid speed adjuster does make a difference to the feel. If unwind in too much, I get harshness over roots etc. I think the HSC is adjustable too but it’s a damper out job. I’ve been meaning to look into it but I haven’t ridden it much in the last year or so having become a lazy ebike owner. 

    It was super easy to fit and ‘bleed’. Its not really bleeding because it’s not a sealed unit but you can purge the air easily without even removing it from the fork. It just uses an M5 bleed nipple (Reverb).

    Downside for me was that having removed the harshness of the MoCo damper, it highlighted just how bad the airspring was for me (at my weight, on my bike and with my riding style).

    I’d have thought once you’ve paid VAT, import duty, VAT on the import duty and then whatever fees the carrier chooses to apply for the privilege of delivering it, you’d do just as well to buy it direct from TFT. They’re pretty knowledgeable about it too if you have questions on the inner workings and settings (as I did). 

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    Thanks for the comprehensive reply @bens – appreciated.

    This will be going on my Ragley Hard Tail so hopefully it’ll smooth things out a bit.

    Have taken a punt and ordered direct from FAST – coming in  (so far….) at £150 inc shipping & taxes (allegedly).

    I watched the install & ‘bleed’ video but it was all in French lol

    Will see if I can source a reverb bleed tool too.

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    It’s been a while since I’ve done the bleed thing but I’m pretty sure it’s just a case of opening the adjusters fully and cycling the damper a few times. Then wind the MSC half way and cycle the damper rod. Close the MSC and cycle again. Then do the same for the LSC (I think you do it that way around). Once you get to fully closed on the LSC it gets difficult to cycle the damper which I think is why they say you can do it with the damper installed. Means you can push on the bars rather than the spindly damper rod. I’ve done it both ways and both worked out ok. 

    Obviously, you need to fit a bleed fitting and syringe filled with fluid before you so any of the above.

    I’ve just looked it up and it’s NOT a reverb fitting. I’m thinking about my Mezzer… You’ll need a Magura 6mm nipple

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    So my damper arrived today.

    Parcel Force delivered it and no extra payments for import or VAT…..

    So all in cost £150 delivered – well impressed 👍

    Turned up with a few other goodies in the box too.

    Just need to get some 10wt fork oil and I can swap it over.

    ***Can’t upload pictures for some reason***

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    Let us know how you get on with it, intrested to see if it lives up to the hype, it’s been on my radar for a bit now.

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    Ive had one in my fork for a while now.

    I’d say its as good as the Rockshox CHarger 2.1 which i have in another fork. Maybe better.

    It holds the fork better into the mid travel, where the Charger dives more. I’m 110kgs, so that would be a consideration in which might be ‘better’. The Fast is better for me however.

    It’s paired with a Smashpot coil, so the bottom out resistance on the spring side helps with tuning the damper settings to get it right.

    Riding both dampers back to back, they feel quite different, but i prefer the Fast ‘Up’ version.

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    I’d be interested in how this goes, I too have a Rev fork that’s going on a Solaris. Not ridden it yet as I’m waiting for 140mm airshaft. I’m used to riding a pike with the RC damper on my full sus bike so I’m expecting it to be harsh but not as harsh as the x-fusion fork currently on the bike.

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