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  • Even More Sea Otter New Things
  • stwhannah
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    Phew, by the power of airport internet, jet lag, and many battery pack charges, here’s the second and final instalment of new things spotted at Sea Ot …

    By stwhannah

    Get the full story here:

    Even More Sea Otter New Things

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    That maxxis aspen tyre would be great for maybe, hmmm one or two…..days a year around here

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    or boob/bee

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    Dropper post manufacturers, why not mount the battery on the front of the post?

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    Those richley bikes look mint 😀

    When/ if it’s time for a new bike, that road bike could replace my fancy road bike, commuter and pub bike. 🤔

    I bet the p29 would feel weird after years of chasing maximum reach, but it looks so right

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    All that gimmickery to end up with 30-buck-a-pop presta valves, with inferior air retention, less air flow, and many more moving parts than a $5 Schrader one?


    We need to stop importing stupid road standards and bring back the good ole ones.

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    mmmm, purple PNW

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