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  • eBay and PayPal query.
  • Does anyone know if there is any hidden or extra charge from PayPal if I buy something through eBay from the US? I’d be using funds from my debit card, not my credit card which is attached to my PayPal account. When I’ve previously purchased things from overseas in euros using my credit card my bank have charged me a conversion fee, just wondered if PayPal did a similar thing?


    There aren’t any extra charges but the exchange rate is obviously (like the banks and credit card co’s)their rate which I reckon about 4 to 5% to their favour (credit cards typically 2.5%?)- currently living in Aus and to avoid the faff of setting up another validated paypal account I’ll use UK account and pay AUD or USD as needed

    – just had a quick check to make sure no sneaky extra fee afterwards on paypal statements but there isn’t –

    you can see the converted amount before you hit the confirm button so if you don’t like can always back out

    edit I’m assuming you know duty and VAT plus handling charge will almost certainly be added by who ever delivers to UK

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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