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  • scruff

    After Broughton Moor, we usually go straight on at Stevenson Ground towards Seathwaite, what the BW like round to Stainton Ground as an alternative? Rocks are preferred to knee deep bogs…


    Iirc the going is quite good. It always seems to be wet up there though.

    Was up there on Saturday as a matter of fact. Good singletrack up alongside the beck, bit of a push at the top and then some wetness. Followed by that horrible climb to the top of Walna Scar and fab descent down to Torver. Superb views up there, IMHO.

    Sorry, wrong way! Stainton Ground is to the left, we went right at Stevenson Ground towards Walna Scar.

    You climb a little then drop down through a biggish bog then to carter ground, its a steepening climb climb but reasonably firm from there to er, the top. The run down can be pretty wet, particulalry at the bottom. All single track up to this point then when you get to the quarries it’s a track. You’ve then got a rocky climb up to the Park head road. Done in the dry it’s pretty good fun, pretty good fun in the wet too, but wet. Prefer the other way but a change is as good as a rest and for a short blast you can do stainton ground for the up and then come down stephenson ground which is ace as a descent.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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