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  • Need a new front and back door and want a price on new windows for the front and back of the house.

    Am I best of speaking to local companies or do I ring that shouty man who does ‘buy one get one free’ and that Irish chap who lives up a mountain?


    Definitely support a small local tradesman who really needs the work, not one of those lying pushy nationals with safe-sounding names and the same crap routine of “need to ring the boss” when you ask for a better price.

    Look at the very excellent metal/wood/metal composite doors sold by people like Ian Firth. We have one of these without the letter box at the back where it gets hot summer sun and driving rain coming straight off the Fylde, it is strong, rigid, stable, weatherproof, warm and has surpassed my expectations for quality:

    Go local with recommendations. If you post where you are, then I’m sure you’ll get recommendations.

    In Sunderland.

    I’ve spoken to a place round the corner from is but only about doors, need to get a proper quote from them for windows as well.

    Word of mouth and/or places like Trust a Trader.


    Local. Get 3 prices from recommended companies


    We’re getting our windows and doors replaced next week and decided to use a local company. We ended up getting three quotes; one was substantially more than the other two. The remaning two were about £600 difference and we couldn’t discern any difference in the quality of the stuff they were fitting, so went with the cheaper one. Apparently he did us a good deal, as he wanted to get his order book filled up for Jan, so his bargain price was on the proviso that we had the installation done in Jan to keep his fitters busy.


    or places like Trust a Trader.

    You know that Trust a Trader don’t allow bad reviews. It’s just a massive con where they charge the trader a large fee for introducing you and then turn up to quote already out of pocket……

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    I’m having mine done soon but my mates doing them so we just need supply only on the windows and doors.

    We have had 3 quotes for supply only and they are all within £200 of each other so defiantly get at least 3 quotes and don’t just go with the cheapest go with the one that answers all the questions correct.


    I’m not too sure on laws & regs now as I’ve been out of the glazing trade for a while, but supply only and getting a mate to fit could be a load of hassle. I think the fitter needs to be fensa registered, if not the home owner needs to get planning permission or checked by building control. I may be wrong, but think something along those lines came in 5-10 years ago to try to flush out so many PVC cowboys.


    Do you need new windows inc the frames, or do you just need to upgrade to double glazing? Our house is fully double glazed now, but we kept the existing frames and just got new double glazed sealed units. Cost £400 to do the whole house.

    The only thing I definitely need doing is the front door as it’s mullered. The rest is for pricing as we don’t have the budget to do it all in one go. The front windows are old single glazed to be replaced with double. The rear is wooden double glazed but they must be getting on for 30 years old now so will need doing as well but not as urgent.

    Any national company will rip you off either with price or poor products. Stay local if you can

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