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  • Dog encounters, do you have a plan ?
  • dissonance
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    There’s one aggressive bugger on a route I run, it stands at the edge of garden and barks like mad, it could easily jump out (lawn is raised to top of low garden wall with no additional fencing) but never has.

    Their idea of territory can be odd. One of the neighbours dog barks away through the window but when outside is friendly.
    Likewise I used to ride down a road where there was a huge german shepherd thing which used to snarl and growl away whenever anyone passed. It was a sprint section for everyone.
    One day had stopped a hundred metres or so passed it when had something touch my leg. The huge snarling hellhound was just standing wagging its tail.

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    And the ones that don’t bite your leg. Or, in the case of the one that led to my injury, you slow and then they run under your wheels and you crash. The dog doesn’t have to be aggressive to cause injury.

    I’ll stick with getting the hell out of there. I can outstrip a dog on my bike.

    Agree 100%

    Not worth taking any chances. As I said before if I ride off fast the situation is avoided and no risk of being biten. If I stop, I risk being biten. If I sprint off, the problem is over. If the dog gets lost or injured chasing thats the owners problem not mine. Keep the dog on a lead and theres no chase to start with and no risk of the dog being run over.

Viewing 2 posts - 81 through 82 (of 82 total)

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